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Hiroshima 1945 © REUTERS / US Army

Expert Debunks Hiroshima, Nagasaki Myths on 73rd Anniversary of Atomic Bombings

By Sputnik News ​Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist at the organization Beyond Nuclear, joined Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear Wednesday to discuss the important anniversaries. The Japanese city of Hiroshima marked the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bombing by the US Air Force two days ago. The anniversary for Nagasaki, another Japanese city that also experienced an atomic bombing by the US, is Thursday. […]

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China’s assassin’s mace*

China’s assassin’s mace*

Due to popular demand, Beyond Deadlines is reposting every Monday the still relevant articles of retired Armed Forces of the Philippines intelligence chief Brig. General Victor Corpus that appeared in his BD’s column, Views from the East. A MACE is a blunt weapon of medieval times that was used to strike down a more powerful enemy with a single blow. […]

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© AP Photo/ Bullit Marquez

Truth Hurts: Japan Demands Manila Statue Honoring WW2 Comfort Women Taken Down

By Sputnik News ON Friday, following repeated demands by Tokyo, a bronze statue of a blindfolded Filipino ‘comfort woman’ was removed from Roxas Boulevard in Manila, Philippines, after being erected in December 2017. The statue, which depicts a grieving woman in a traditional Filipiniana gown, is a symbol of Filipino sex slaves abused by Japanese soldiers leading up to and during World War II. “This […]

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