Respect for life*

IT is truly saddening to note that several government officials are still pushing for the restoration of the death penalty. The House of Representatives approved in March last year a bill restoring the death penalty on third and final reading for drug-related offenses, believing that it is an acceptable means of safeguarding the common good. […]


House Speaker Arroyo: No committee hearings on draft federal charter

By Rose Anne Dela Cruz THE Draft federal charter of the President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Consultative Committee will be fast tracked in the House of Representatives. This is after House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered Constitutional Amendments Committee chairman Representative Vicente Veloso to leave the deliberations on the substance of the draft federal constitution to […]


House coup*

IN a most unprecedented and unexpected manner, the leadership of the House of Representatives changed hands a few minutes before the scheduled State of the Nation Address of the President. As a result, the much anticipated SONA was delayed for an hour and 20 minutes. Apart from this, a very important law failed to be […]


A question of integrity*

THE respect and trust that each member of Congress or government official deserves comes into question when they themselves start accusing each other of crimes like common criminals or petty thieves. An example comes to mind when Akbayan Representative Tom Villarin filed a complaint of theft, backed by photos and CCTV footage, against former congressman […]