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CURRENTLY hot in the minds of some people is the issue on President Duterte’s true state of health, and if he is still capable to lead the country. Can anyone be blamed for speculating on the subject? The President himself earlier threatened to quit his job supposedly because he is tired and frustrated with corrupt […]

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A testimony on health

By Abner Galino THIS definitely qualifies as a success story. Well, no one becomes incredibly rich or becomes instantly famous. But someone triumphed against his own frailty and came out a happy camper. Gary Paglinawan is 5’4 ½” tall. Some years back, he weighed 210 lbs. Today, Gary weighs 158 lbs. I wouldn’t have known […]

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CNMI Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres pleads guilty to “not taking care of his health.”

By Lori Lyn Lirio COMMONWEALTH of Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres recently pleaded guilty “of not taking care of his health,” it was only learned yesterday. According to reports, Torres made his plea last as June 15 when he signed a proclamation designating June 17-23, 2018 as Men’s Health Week. His admission of […]