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US Deaths from Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Disorders Nearly Tripled Since 1980

By Sputnik News Over 2000 counties across the United States have seen 200 percent or greater increases since 1980 in deaths related to either substance abuse or mental disorders, according to a new study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). The study, performed by the University of Washington in Seattle (UW) and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on December […]

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PH green groups call on DENR Secretary Gina Lopez to act

DIFFERENT Philippine environmental organizations on Monday call on Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez to act decisively on the mounting proposals of specific interests to flood the country with thermal or burn “waste-to-energy” (WtE) technology, which will undermine the country’s effort to curb environmental degradation and pursue a low-carbon development path. To press the urgency of their […]

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STOP using firecrackers for health and environment’s sake – PH EcoWaste Coalition

IN a bid to make the New Year’s celebration health and environment friendly, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the public to heed the government’s call to avoid using firecrackers during New Year’s eve. “To stop the tragic injuries and deaths, the destructive fires, hazardous pollution and, not to be forgotten, the acoustic torture against animals, we strongly urge the general public […]

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The male nurse: Does he appeal to you?

HAGATNA, Guam  — When you think of a nurse, you automatically summon the image of a woman in white uniform and a cute little cap— not somebody who watches football, loves sports cars and sports facial hair. The male nurse remains a bit of a novelty. While it may seem role and gender stereotypes and traditionally associated with women, more men […]

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Junk Bataan nuke plant’s planned activation – PH green coalition

THE EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental and public health watchdog, on Monday urged the Duterte administration to junk the plan to activate the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant in Morong, Bataan which was mothballed during the Marcos regime due to the danger it poses on the people and environment. “We urge our policy makers not to wake up the sleeping ‘monster of Morong’ […]

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Beauty products with alleged fake FDA Seal of Approval being sold in PH

THE EcoWaste Coalition, a public health and environment watchdog, on Saturday urged Philippine Food and Drug Administration to crack down on importers and stores selling cosmetics with fake FDA seal of of approval. This developed after EcoWaste over the week discovered thrift shops in Divisoria, Manila selling three types of face powder makeups with fake FDA Seal of Approval on […]

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PH Health Department announces opening in Nueva Ecija of the first Chinese funded Drug Rehab Center

THE Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday has announced the “soft opening” of the government-run 10,000 bed drug rehabilitation center in Fort Magsaysay in Laur, Nueva Ecija. Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, in a press conference at the Malacanang Palace, said “the facility has been partially finished by October 17…and our personnel, who were hired for that facility, about 1,000 of […]

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Harmful baby wipes in PH markets

BABY cleansing wipes with restricted preservatives that could cause thyroid problems are cheaply being sold nationwide. This was disclosed Tuesday by EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health watchdog, after it found out that at least 30 brands of baby cleansing wipes which contain iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC), a chemical prohibited for use on children under three years old, are being sold […]

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Beware of poisonous mugs !!!

A PUBLIC health watchdog warns the public from using damaged mugs saying hazardous chemicals used in its production could leach and put into risk human health and the environment. EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health advocate, made the appeal as it calls on mugs manufacturers and importers to stop using or importing mugs with toxic chemicals like lead and […]

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Ratify the Minamata Convention now !!!

Ratify the Minamata Convention now !!!

“FOR the sake of the people’s health and the environment, Asian governments should immediately ratify the Minamata Convention to prevent, if not reduce, mercury pollution.” This was the urgent plea of the EcoWaste Coalition, the Collaboration Center for Minamata Disease Victims and IPEN (a global NGO network for a toxics-free future) to all Asian governments as health and environmental officials from […]

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Don’t block the DOH budget, but do delay new anti-dengue vaccination

PLEASE don’t block the passage of the proposed 2017 Department of Health (DOH) budget, but do delay the introduction of new doses of a controversial anti-dengue vaccine until independent studies were done by credible experts to clear clouds of doubts on its safety and efficacy. These were the urgent messages bared on Monday (Oct. 3) by a broad health coalition, […]

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Nine PH airport workers downed by food poisoning

NINE airport workers, including two who were hospitalized, fell victim to food poisoning after ingesting contaminated budget meals on Saturday. All of the victims — six security guards, a janitor, and two rank and file workers of All Nippon Air (ANA) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 — complained of severe stomach pains and vomiting after partaking chicken […]

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Many Filipinos feel isolated — WHO

DOCTOR Gundo Aurel Weiler, the World Health Organization (WHO) representative to the Philippines, cited the important collaboration among the Department of Health (DOH) and its private and civil society partners to significantly crack and break the social isolation felt by many Filipinos today. The WHO, DOH, and their private sector and civil society partners said the social isolation burdening many […]

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PH green group sought limits on hazardous substances in jewelry

THE EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health watchdog, urged the government to put in place a regulation that will restrict the content level of hazardous substances in jewelry products. At the same time, the coalition urged jewelry manufacturers and civil society organizations to cooperate with the government in crafting the proposed regulation. The coalition issued the call for government […]

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PH quarantine requires carriers to conduct aircraft disinsection

THE Philippine  Bureau of Quarantine has directed all foreign and local carriers with international routes to conduct aircraft disinsection in a bid to prevent the spread of harmful insects and outbreak of deadly diseases. The BOQ new directive mandates all to aircraft operators, handlers, airlines and airport authorities to conduct disinsection before landing or takeoff at the Ninoy Aquino International […]

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PH green group bats for Ecological Waste Management vs. Zika Virus

RESPONDING to the Zika virus threat on the country, the Philippine based EcoWaste Coalition on Monday asked the country’s 42,036 barangays to improve community waste management in a bid to to keep away the virus’ carrier, the Aedes mosquito. “Our barangays can contribute to keeping the country Zika-free by ensuring the ecological management of discards, which can collect water and […]

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NAIA on alert for Zika virus

NAIA on alert for Zika virus

THE Manila International Airport Authority and the Department of Health have doubled their efforts in looking out for the possible entry of the Zika virus in the country following reports of its outbreak in neighboring Asian countries. This was disclosed on Friday by MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal after receiving a directive from the DOH urging the close monitoring of […]

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Not All Pokemon-Inspired Toys are Safe for Kids – EcoWaste Coalition

SOME Pokemon inspired toys being sold in the market are laden with lead that it would be advisable for parents to avoid buying any of them. According to the EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health watchdog, they found lead in some Pokemon toys being sold mostly in Divisoria and outside elementary schools in Makati and Quezon Cities. Thony Dizon, […]

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Toxic Chemicals from E-Waste Found in Brain Toys Sold in Philippine Market

THE EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health watchdog, on Tuesday warned that some toys that are designed to exercise the mind may contain toxic chemicals from recycled electronic waste, which can damage the central nervous system and reduce children’s intellectual capacity. The coalition made known its apprehension following the disclosure of the results of a global survey on toxic […]

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Lead laden toy rulers and wrist band sold in Metro Manila

THE EcoWaste Coalition, an environment and public health watchdog, warned parents on Monday to watch out for a highly toxic, life threatening lead laden toy ruler and crayon eraser being commonly sold for as cheap as P5 outside public elementary school campuses. EcoWaste aired the warning after finding very high levels of lead on these unmarked products which it described […]

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