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US Homeland Security puts the Philippines on blacklist

Asian country dropped from list of countries eligible for work visa applications, citing visa abuse By Mar-Vic Cagurangan THE United States Department of Homeland Security has dropped the Philippines from the list of countries eligible under the H2 visa programs this year, citing the country’s alleged high rate of visa abuse and high volume of […]

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Angelo takes art at New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal

By Abner Galino FILIPINO artist Angelo Maristela has taken his art to the busy New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal in the world famous Times Square, presenting a preview of a special project he labeled: The Bread Series. The Bread Series is Angelo’s collection of popular known and ordinary people whom he thought have shared […]

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A matter of life and vote

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan ABORTION did not figure in the early stages of this year’s election season until Frank Aguon and his running mate Alicia Limtiaco launched their write-in campaign before a predominantly pro-life crowd last weekend. The Guam Democratic Party’s runaway team has thus found a solid constituency that will carry their torch. It may […]

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“Consider all career options” — CNMI Chief Justice Alexcandro Castro told HS student-leaders

By Lori Lyn Lirio COMMONWEALTH of Northern Mariana Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro early this month shared a few nuggets of wisdom to the officers of the Kagman High School Student Council before administering the oath of office to the new set of council officers. “Think of what you want to be […]

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There is a gap between healthcare and ordinary folks in Saipan

By Lori Lyn Lirio THERE is an existing gap between ordinary folks and healthcare in Saipan, according a Fil-Am intern of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. Abigail Dimaano made this observation during her internship at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC). She said her observation confirmed her desire to want to pursue either medicine or […]

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Campaign against porn sites intensified in PH

By Daniella Flanagan HOUSTON, TX – the Philippine government has intensified its campaign against web based pornographic sites in a bid to end child pornography and limit the Filipino’s option to explore carnality on-line without interruption. This was learned from the National Telecommunications Commission after it recently confirmed that it blocked more pornography sites. The […]

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Meet Messrs. Asbury, Butti and Sheetin (UAE Road Works Dummies)

By Kleo Hernandez Kannangara WHEN we were little, the worst insult my brother Jojo and I could hurl at each other would have been, “Dumdum” or “Dummy”. I don’t hear these much anymore, not from my “contrapelo” (someone who’s eternally against you) sibling or from our younger versions in the family. The world’s present generation, […]

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Twenty three million Americans are recovering from alcohol and drug addition

By Lori Lyn Lirio ABOUT 23 million Americans are in long term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. According to Faces and Voices of Recovery executive director Patty McCarthy Metcalf, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Island should be part of this community as there are also recovering alcohol and drug dependents in the islands. “You […]

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Filipina Houstonian artist Crystal Lallego nominated for the Global Arts Awards

By Daniella Flanagan HOUSTON, TX – A Filipina artist of local renown was nominated for The Global Arts Awards 2018. Crystal Lallego Houston based Crystal Lallego held her first ever Solo Art Exhibit on September 23, 2017. That show featured live music by Vanessa McGrew, Nicole Aimi, and Kathryn Rose (Houston Fil-Am musician), glow in […]

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GES Science teacher Peter Loken to receive Presidential award

By Lori Lyn Lirio DUE to his outstanding contributions in teaching or mentoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM, a science teacher from the Garapan Elementary School in Saipan will received the highest award the government could bestow a science and math teacher. Science teacher Peter Loken is among the 140 teachers and […]

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Northern Marianas Trades Institute Chief Executive Officer Agnes McPhetres is Rotary’s 2018 Citizen of the Year.

By Lori Lyn Lirio THE Rotary Club of Saipan named Northern Marianas Trades Institute Chief Executive Officer Agnes McPhetres as 2018 Citizen of the Year. In a phone interview with Rotary’s Double Past President Curtis Danco, he said McPhetres was awarded during the club’s induction of officers and directors at Aqua Resort on June 30. […]

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Dr. Mildred Balbin Oliveros: Sa Pagtuklas ng Gamot at Humanitarianism

MARAMI sa atin ang “nagsusunog ng kilay” para sa sariling layunin – ang kumita at ng sa gayon ay umigi ang kalagayan sa buhay. Pero, para naman kay Audrey Hepburn, isang British actress at humanitarian, ang sabi niya: “Habang tayo ay tumatanda, matutuklasan natin na ang isa sa ating dalawang kamay ay para tulungan ang […]

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A testimony on health

By Abner Galino THIS definitely qualifies as a success story. Well, no one becomes incredibly rich or becomes instantly famous. But someone triumphed against his own frailty and came out a happy camper. Gary Paglinawan is 5’4 ½” tall. Some years back, he weighed 210 lbs. Today, Gary weighs 158 lbs. I wouldn’t have known […]

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CNMI Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres pleads guilty to “not taking care of his health.”

By Lori Lyn Lirio COMMONWEALTH of Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres recently pleaded guilty “of not taking care of his health,” it was only learned yesterday. According to reports, Torres made his plea last as June 15 when he signed a proclamation designating June 17-23, 2018 as Men’s Health Week. His admission of […]

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The Philippine Terminal, a sort of reprise of the movie “The Terminal”

By Benjie Lim Vergara A JAPANESE traveler was stranded at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport just like the character Victor Navorski, played by Tom Hanks, in the comedy-drama movie “The Terminal,” who was marooned at the John F. Kennedy International Airport for nine months. Except for the stranded part, however, the similarity ends there as […]