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Kartilya ng Katipunan

Kartilya ng Katipunan

ALANG-alang sa gunita ng ika-154 na taon na kapanganakan ng Ama ng Himagsikang Pilipino, Supremo ng Kagalanggalangang Kataastaasang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan at ang tunay na Unang Pangulo nating mga Filipino na si Andres Bonifacio ay ibinabahagi ng Beyond Deadlines ang Kartilya ng Katipunan na isinulat ni Emilio Jacinto. Nakatitiyak ang patnugot ng Beyond Deadlines na ang Kartilya ng […]

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Holy Infant Church in North Carolina. Image  © https://holyinfantchurch.org

Simbang Gabi, A Filipino tradition

LOS Angeles, California—Simbang Gabi is a beloved Christmas tradition for Filipino Catholics that features a devotional novena of nine Masses leading to Christmas Day in expectancy of the Nativity and in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the Philippines, the Eucharistic Celebrations of Simbang Gabi are usually held in the early hours of the morning but in Houston, Texas; […]

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A typical cemetery scene in the Philippines during All Saints' and Souls' Days Image © Megacitizens.com

All Saints’/ Souls’ Day Celebrations in the Philippines

TODAY is November 2 and All Souls’ Day is being observed in the Philippines. For Filipinos, especially for the Roman Catholics, this is the day where they would flock to the cemeteries to offer prayers, candles, food and flowers for their departed loved ones. There would surely be a  “fiesta” in the cemeteries, with so many people busy walking to […]

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Jae Jung Jang as he receives the Korean National Orders of Merit from South Korean President Jae In Moon

Korean businessman calls for a Philippines without forgotten neighbors

A KOREAN businessman who is actively engaged in serving the poor and the leprosy afflicted in the Philippines for more than two decades was awarded the Korea National Orders of Merits by no less than the president of South Korea itself, Mr. Jae In Moon. Jae Jung Jang, a former ship captain and businessman who rose from humble beginnings, came […]

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Filipina doctor writes about the “miracles” in her life

Filipina doctor writes about the “miracles” in her life

“I WAS born in a cowl, which to the superstitious, foretold good luck.” “Well, it must have been true. Otherwise, how else to explain how I survived leaving my mother’s uterus with the umbilical cord twice wrapped around my neck.” So goes the first two paragraphs of Dr. Erlinda Eustaquio Grey’s autobiography entitled “Miracles through prayers.” Dr. Grey, during her […]

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Ang Babaeng Pinagpala (The Blessed Woman)

Ang Babaeng Pinagpala (The Blessed Woman)

ANG BABAENG PINAGPALA (The Blessed Woman) A Post Mother’s Day Recollection in Honor of Working Women Outside their Home Country IN a café and I was about to sip my tea but almost spilt it… Woman 1: You’re back! How are you? You look great like you were never pregnant at all! How’s the baby? Woman 2: I’m okay, baby’s […]

Russian and Chinese Presidents Vladimir Putin (left) and Xi Jinping (right) © REUTERS/ Roman Pilipey/Pool

How Russia, China Brought Washington’s Plan to Destabilize Eurasia to a Halt

By Sputnik News ALTHOUGH Moscow and Beijing have managed to upset the US plan to disrupt Eurasian economic integration, the US political elite is not going to give up, Ukrainian political observer Rostislav Ishchenko writes for RIA Novosti. He described how Washington might try to ruin the One Belt One Road comprehensive strategy. The Russo-Chinese rapprochement has upset Washington’s plan […]

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Archery o Pamamana sa El Dorado Park

Archery o Pamamana sa El Dorado Park

ARAW ng Linggo noong kami ay pumunta sa El Dorado Park sa Long Beach, California dala ang aming mga busog at balang palaso para makapagpraktis. Pero bago kami pumunta sa lugar ng panaan, pumunta muna kami sa katabing Nature Center upang makapag-exercise dahil mayroon silang magandang tugaygayan o trail para sa mahilig mag-hiking. Ang tugaygayang ito ay hindi gaanong kainitan […]

Photo © Abner Galino

Surviving” a hail storm on the freeway (by someone who hasn’t been in one)

  I HAVE seen tons of pictures and videos of people delighting over hail dumped on yards, houses, cars and roads. And so I have this warped notion of hailstorms — which I primarily associate with thrill and fun. Well, now I know better. At about 3:20 p.m. while driving along the 110 freeway near Vernon in south Los Angeles, […]

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Photo © Pixabay

Tall Stories: Skyscrapers Ruled ‘Undemocratic’ in Norwegian Study

By Sputnik News FOR decades, skyscrapers have evoked pride across the globe, being hailed as symbols of progress, growth and wealth. A surprising report by Norwegian researchers, however, showed that super tall buildings indicate a lack of democracy and may in fact warn of “authoritarian” tendencies. The report “Autocrats and Skyscrapers: Modern White Elephants in Dictatorships” compiled by researchers at the University of Oslo […]

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Ang Diaspora Ng Pinoy:  Serbisyo Sa Amerika, Serbisyo Sa Mundo

Ang Diaspora Ng Pinoy:  Serbisyo Sa Amerika, Serbisyo Sa Mundo

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” — Jim Rohn ”‘Sir, ito na po iyong pampunas sa katawan ninyo, at robe na pampalit naman sa damit ninyo,’ sabi ni Chris, isang Pinoy na CNA or certified nursing assistant sa isang malaking ospital sa Los Angeles, California, bago ako operahan. Kasunod naman nuon ay isa ulit na Pinoy, si […]

“Elijan, Aaron and Jason – Choosers of Religions”

“Elijan, Aaron and Jason – Choosers of Religions”

I STARED at the tiled wall in front of me briefly, shook my gloves off my hands, and carefully placed them at the edge of the sink on the marble counter. Deeply inhaled, turned around and announced, “The dishes can wait.” I sat my 14 year old son, Aaron down, holding his hands, I told him, “What do you want […]

Quezin City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte Alimurong Photo © http://en.wikipilipinas.org

Mga dating adik nagbabagong buhay na

ISANG daan na mga dating lulong sa ipinagbabawal na gamot mula sa iba’t ibang barangay ng Quezon City ang maluwalhating dumaan at nagtapos nitong Martes sa 12 linggong Community Based Counseling Program ng pamahalaang panglungsod na naglalayong bigyan sila ng bagong buhay. Ayon sa Quezon City Anti Illegal Drugs and Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC), naganap ang graduation ceremony para sa […]

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“Liquido Maestro” (Liquid Master) Kalel Demetrio mixes alcoholic drinks before members of media. Demetrio is “alcohol mixer to the gods” or “bartender to the deities” Photo © Ibarra C. Mateo

Kalel Demetrio: ‘Alcohol mixer to the gods’

 IT IS common to meet food chefs who can whip instantly the famous dessert “food for the gods,” but devoured by ‘mortals’. However, spending an early afternoon till almost midnight with the charming, brawny Kalel Demetrio, hopping from one bar to another, in a ‘pilgrimage’ to sample his alcohol creations, was an extra-ordinary experience not afforded every individual roaming the […]

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Rolando Omongos Photo © http://news.abs-cbn.com

Filipino fisherman rescued after nearly two months in the high seas

A 21-year-old Filipino fisherman who was stranded in the high seas for nearly two months and was given up for death was flown to the Philippines Wednesday night after he was rescued off the coast of Papua New Guinea by a Japanese fishing vessel. Rolando Omongos was met by social workers shortly after Air Niugini Flight PX10, which brought him […]

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Photo © AP Photo/ Cliff Owen

South China Sea Dispute: Why US Carriers Unable to Put Pressure on China

By Sputnik News AS the temperature is rising in the South China Sea over the recent freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) launched by the US and further reports that China “has nearly finished” buildings “that could house missiles”, a RIA Novosti correspondent explains why the US is unable to put any pressure on Beijing. On Saturday, the US navy strike […]

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China's Liaoning aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet conducts a drill in an area of South China Sea in this undated photo taken December, 2016 © REUTERS/ STRINGER

South China Sea: Beijing Unwilling to Go Down Without a Fight Amid US-Led FONOP

By Sputnik News While Washington signals its readiness to continue the Obama-era Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOP) in the South China Sea, Beijing is seemingly not willing to go down without a fight, Russian expert Anton Tsvetov told Sputnik. The temperature is rising in the South China Sea over the recent freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) launched by the US. On Saturday, the US […]

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FITNESS & HEALTH 101 Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

FITNESS & HEALTH 101 Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

Part 8 Conclusion IF you intend to start some exercise regime, whatever your age, wherever you are, start now. It’s never too late until you can’t move your limbs anymore; by which time you’d regret that you didn’t do it while you still could. Whatever your physical, mental, financial and/or health condition is, there is always an exercise program that […]

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FITNESS & HEALTH 101  Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

FITNESS & HEALTH 101 Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

Part 7 Spoilt for Choices! THERE is a host of other activities one can do to achieve fitness and health in the Middle East or any part of the world for that matter. There are clubs here that hold tennis classes, beach volleyball and squash play offs. There are Filipino groups that play badminton regularly. If you prefer football, there […]

FITNESS & HEALTH 101 Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

FITNESS & HEALTH 101 Of the Idiot, By the Idiot and For One Idiot, like such ONLY!

Part 6 Scaredy-frog in the Pool. THE water from the outdoor showers by the pool was cold that I had to put my arms around me as if I was hugging myself. I stared at the empty pool. It was a quarter past 7 in the morning. The lifeguard was still recovering the traffic cones and chains around the pool. […]