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    PH government terminating contract with luggage handlers at NAIA for involvement in baggage pilferage

    March 16th, 2018

    By Benjie Vergara

    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport ©

    THE government will not renew its contract with Miascor Aviation Services to service the Ninoy Aquino International Airport following a decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to terminate the agreement after learning that several of its employees were involved in a number of baggage pilfering incident at the country’s premier airport which brought shame to the country.

    This was learned Friday in a joint statement issued by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

    After careful evaluation of facts surrounding an incident of baggage pilferage involving Miascor’s employees, and in line with the clear directive of President Rodrigo Duterte for Miascor’s contract to be terminated, the DOTr denies the appeal of Miascor, and stands firm in its decision not to renew the company’s contract with the MIAA beyond April 2018,” the DOTr and the MIAA said.

    Moreover, the MIAA added that “the President has also said that he will not entertain any appeal from Miascor Aviation Services.”

    The statement was apparently in response to an appeal letter sent by the 4,000-strong Miascor employees to Pres. Duterte seeking a reconsideration of his decision to abrogate the government’s contract with Miascor as it will affect not only them but their families.

    Two months ago, a returning Filipino worker claimed his luggage was pilfered at Clark International Airport. Five Miascor employees were suspended and placed under investigation in connection with the case.

    But what appears to have broken the camel’s back, so to speak, was when in August 2016, four employees of the said company were arrested for the theft of pieces of jewelry owned by the wife of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was accompanying her husband in an official visit to the country.

    Monreal said the pilferers were obviously in cahoots with other airport employees.

    However, Miascor training and development manager Ritchell Bernardo said they are still hoping President Duterte will soften his stance against Miascor and change his mind.

    It is unfortunate that the actions of six erring employees in Clark International Airport have negatively impacted the company,” Bernardo said.

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    PH aviation authorities lauded for green airport initiative

    March 11th, 2018

    By Benjie Vergara

    Image ©

    THE International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) lauded Philippine aviation authorities for promoting the green airport concept and energy efficiency enhancement to reduce airport wide carbon intensity.

    Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) spokesperson Eric Apolonio said ICAO Secretary General Fang Lui welcomed the country’s CO2 emissions reduction plan for international aviation, saying “the submission of State Action Plans (SAP) provides an opportunity to establish and showcase strategies to reduce aviation emission.”

    The CAAP’s commitment towards environmental sustainability as well as carbon reduction efforts earned the ICAO executive commendation.

    The SAP is a voluntary planning and reporting tool for States to communicate information on their activities to address international civil aviation’s CO2 emission concerns. It aims for better understanding of the share and projections of international aviation CO2 emissions, enhanced cooperation between all aviation stakeholders that can positively reflect on their operational areas, and the identification of the most relevant mitigation actions.

    It also includes information on activities the Philippines has already undertaken and future mitigation strategies that it wants to meet with regard to CO2 emissions reduction in the sky.

    “These mitigation measures include the development of Bio-Fuel (used cooking oil) as alternative fuel to improve air traffic management and infrastructure that will significantly reduce fuel burn and carbon emissions and the establishment of a performance-based navigation (PBN) system in all public aerodromes which increases airspace capacity, improves aviation safety, and reduces aviation activities’ environmental impact,” the CAAP said.

    Apolonio said, as part of the green airport concept, all frequently used CAAP airports will now be installed with solar power systems to power up office lighting and small equipment as well as runways lights and lighted cones.

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    Honest PH airport worker returns missing wallet stuffed with cash

    March 7th, 2018


    By Benjie Vergara

    SO the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is not a den of thieves after all.

    This was confirmed after a lowly security personnel returned a lost wallet full of money to its rightful owner last Tuesday.

    Aviation Operations and Management Specialist (Avomsi) employee Roquita Cuarte returned her find to its rightful owner which contains USD$770 and PhP3,040. The owner of the missing wallet, who was not named, was all praise to Cuarte for her honesty after she handed him his wallet.

    Cuarte said she was able to trace the whereabouts of the wallet owner with the help of airline personnel. She added that the passenger is about to board an Asiana Airlines plane bound for Incheon, South Korea when she found him.

    Avomsi chief Librado Matibag said Cuarte reported to his office that she found a missing wallet stuffed with cash. He added that he directed her to immediately inform the different airline personnel on duty to locate the wallet’s owner.

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    Police nabs allegedly abusive PH airport taxi cab driver

    March 6th, 2018

    By Benjie Vergara

    Transport queue at NAIA ©


    NINOY Aquino International Airport policemen on Sunday arrested a taxi d

    river who over charged a passenger for a three minute ride between the airport’s adjacent terminals.

    Bong Ramon Leoligao was then charged with swindling, estafa, unjust vexation at the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office for overcharging his passenger who was identified as Suzanne Nagac, an executive assistant of Melody “Mimi” Parrel Pimentel who is allegedly the fashion consultant of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    According to Airport Police Officer II Roderrick Mejia, Nagac flagged down Leoligao’s taxi cab during the wee hours of Friday morning at the NAIA terminal 2. She then asked him to bring her to the adjoining NAIA terminal 3, a journey that would take between 2 to 3 minutes using the NAIA skyway during that time.

    Mejia said that while traversing the MIAA Road, Leoligao asked Nagac to pay PhP600 plus the PhP45.00 skyway toll fee which she should immediately give before they pass the toll gate. He added that Nagac protested the costly fare but the suspect was adamant that she pay him the amount he demanded.

    Fearing further confrontation, Nagac paid the amount upon reaching Terminal 3 where she also managed to jot down the taxi’s registration plate (TKY 962) and report the what happened to the authorities, the policeman added.

    Mejia said that when they try to verify the status of the taxi, it was found out to be unregistered since 2007 and that the taxi’s registration plate number is registered to another vehicle. He added that subsequent police operations led to the arrest of the suspect, who was spotted while waiting for a passenger in Terminal 2 of the NAIA.

    During a face off at the Airport PD intelligence office, Nagac positively identified Leoligao as the taxi driver who harassed and overcharged her.

    Meanwhile, NAIA General Manager Ed Monreal ordered the Airport PD to surveil suspected unscrupulous individuals who were using public vehicles to prey innocent passengers at the airport.

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    Airport authorities to revoke access of delinquent hangar operators?

    March 1st, 2018

    Some NAIA hangars ©

    MANILA International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal on Wednesday threatened to revoke the airport access of delinquent hangar operators should they fail to make the necessary payments for the hangars that they leased.

    Monreal issued the warning after noting that some of the hangar owners either failed or refuse to settle on time their obligation as required in their lease contract despite several notices the MIAA has sent. He said if implemented several personnel who are working within the (hangar) area would be affected.

    “The hangar owners have already received several notices regarding their non-payment. And if they still ignore our notices, we will do what is right and what is right for the government,” Monreal told reporters.

    He said the fees that the MIAA may collect from the hangar owners would reach to around PhP100 million.

    “Definitely they have to pay but there are certain legal procedures to follow,” he said, adding that the MIAA has started taking action against them.

    However, Monreal failed to identify how many hangar owners are delinquent in their obligation.
    Monreal also said that as regards the proposed extension of NAIA terminal 2, the MIAA will first have to solve the problem of the Philippine Village Hotel (situated on the land owned by MIAA), which have many legal cases before the MIAA can proceed with other details.

    Meanwhile, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Wednesday advised the MIAA to no longer issue identification cards (IDs) to those companies that are delinquent in the payment of their rentals of hangars.

    Alvarez said MIAA should stop issuing IDs so that these delinquent rental leases would not be allowed to enter the hangar areas anymore.

    The Speaker also advised MIAA to refer to the Office of the Solicitor General the case regarding ownership of the Philippine Village Hotel being contested by the Government Service Insurance System and a certain Panlilio.

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    “We only sell quality genuine items” – Duty Free Philippines

    February 19th, 2018

    Image ©

    THE Duty Free Philippines management on Sunday assured the public that the products they sell are 100 percent genuine and authentic.

    The statement was a reaction to unfounded reports that the DFP is selling fake items.

    “We get our products from abroad and the shoppers need not to worry,” Vicente Pelagio Angala, DFP chief operating officer, said during the DFP’s Fiesta Mall Chinese New Year celebration on Sunday as he assured shoppers that aside from being genuine, the items they bought from DFP stores are of high quality unlike some items being sold online by fraudulent sellers, who intentionally mislead customers by peddling sub-standard products.

    With the volume of goods e-commerce companies handle these days, it is quite difficult to conduct quality checks on each product the online marketing are selling, he observed.

    Angala admitted that not all the online products are in the DFP “but we make sure that whatever we have in store are originals and good quality.”

    In 2016, the DFP earned USD$218 million way below their USD$295 million target. The following year, the DFP also failed to meet their lowered target income of USD$230 million as it only earned USD$213 million, which is even USD$5 million below what they earned in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Angala disclosed without elaborating that the opening of the two new DFP branches at the Mall of Asia and at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 were delayed. He, however, is optimistic that the two branches will open this year and generate more income for the store.

    According to Angala, the DFP’s priority products are chocolates bars, which is 40 percent of the total sales, followed by liquor at 18 percent, perfume and cosmetics at 15 percent, grocery items and appliances at 10 percent. He added Filipinos are the store’s number one customers and that 22 percent of all its clients are tourists.

    He said shoppers, such as regular travelers or “balikbayans” has a USD$1,000 limit, while overseas Filipino workers were given a USD$4,000 limit where they can avail the Kabuhayan Shopping Package offered by the management.

    The DFP management maintained the traditional “Pasalubong pack” where the price ranges from $37 to $38 compared to $25 several years ago, he added.

    “We have also an inflation here. We can’t control it,” Raph Mondragon, DFP logistics division manager said.

    Nevertheless, Mondragon said senior citizens can get 12 percent discounts on selected merchandise or grocery items.

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    Brutalized body of Filipina OFW brought home from Kuwait

    February 16th, 2018

    Joanna Demafelis. Image © CNN Philippines

    THE Kuwaiti government will exert all efforts to bring the murderers of Joanna Daniela Demafelis to justice.

    This was disclosed by Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday, in an interview with reporters while waiting for the remains of Demafelis at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He said Gulf state’s government was outraged by Demafelis’ murder.

    Demafelis’ body was found stuffed in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait.

    Furthermore, Cayetano said reports from Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Villa indicated that the initial autopsy revealed that Demafelis was beaten several times before she died. She had broken ribs, internal bleeding, contusions and trauma all over the body, including the pelvis and kidneys, indicating that she was brutalized before being killed.

    Consequently, Cayetano said, due to Demafelis’ death, government agencies will now be more aggressive in protecting OFWs.

    Foreign Affairs Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano

    “We are now working as a one-team approach from the undersecretary level down to the director level, down to the people on the ground. We’re putting a system of communications with our millions of OFWs abroad due to many cases of abuse,” Cayetano said adding that “Her death was very tragic, but will also be a rallying point for all of the government agencies to be more aggressive abroad in helping OFWs.”

    It will be recalled that President Rodrigo Duterte last week said Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait who want to go home may be repatriated within the next 72 hours. He issued the statement after Demafelis was found dead.

    “I want them out of (Kuwait), those who want to go out, in 72 hours. We will count our lives by the hours because apparently, every hour, there is suffering and agony, brutality committed against Filipinos,” Duterte, in a press conference, said.

    The Philippines suspended the deployment of workers to Kuwait last January due to the series of questionable deaths of Filipinos there in that Arab state.

    Duterte said the deployment ban will stay until the government is sure that overseas workers are safe in Kuwait, where 103 Filipinos died in 2017, up from 82 the previous year.

    “I am ready to take drastic steps that will help preserve Filipino life and limb. We do not intend to offend any government or anyone. But if a ban is what is needed, then let it be so,” Duterte said.

    “The ban continues today and I don’t know up to what time,” he added.

    (Read More:

    Demafelis’ battered remains arrived from Kuwait at the country’s premier airport shortly after 10 am. on board Gulf Air flight GF154 with her siblings – sister Jessica and brother Jojjt – who both said their family wants justice. Her body will be flown to Iloilo on Saturday for the wake and burial.

    According to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Demafelis’ body may have been stuffed inside the freezer sometime in November 2016, when her employers, a Lebanese who was identified as Nader Essam Assaf and his Syrian wife left Kuwait. Unfortunately, the Gulf state’s police authorities have yet to find them.

    Demafelis body was discovered after a Kuwaiti court ordered the opening of her Lebanese employer’s apartment as he is wanted by the authorities in connection with several cases of check falsification.


    Free airplane ride for OFWs in Kuwait

    February 11th, 2018

    A Cebu Pacific Air plane taking off Photo ©

    LOW-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air has responded to the recent call of President Rodrigo Duterte to bring home Filipino workers from Kuwait for free by mounting a special chartered flight to the said Gulf state.

    The CEB said it will help the government repatriate Filipino workers from Kuwait by deploying an Airbus A330 aircraft – the largest in its fleet for the charter flight, which has a maximum capacity of 436 passengers.

    Free food and refreshment, as well as baggage allowance for all passengers on this charter flight will be provided, the CEB said.

    However, the CEB disclosed that it is still working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait for the final travel arrangements as the airline no longer has regular commercial air service between Manila and Kuwait.

    Duterte, last week, said Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait who want to go home may be repatriated within the next 72 hours. He issued the statement after a Filipina domestic helper, Joanna Daniela Demafelis, was found dead, stuffed in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait.

    “I want them out of (Kuwait), those who want to go out, in 72 hours. We will count our lives by the hours because apparently, every hour, there is suffering and agony, brutality committed against Filipinos,” Duterte, in a press conference, said.

    Image ©

    The Philippines suspended the deployment of workers to Kuwait last January due to the series of questionable deaths of Filipinos there in that Arab state.

    Duterte said the deployment ban will stay until the government is sure that overseas workers are safe in Kuwait, where 103 Filipinos died in 2017, up from 82 the previous year.

    “I am ready to take drastic steps that will help preserve Filipino life and limb. We do not intend to offend any government or anyone. But if a ban is what is needed, then let it be so,” Duterte said.

    “The ban continues today and I don’t know up to what time,” he added.

    Meanwhile, recruitment consultant Manny Geslani said Duterte will make the ban on sending Filipino workers to Kuwait permanent if one more death or a case of maltreatment reaches his office.

    Geslani, at the same time, explained that despite Duterte’s pronouncement, the return of the Filipino workers to the country will not happen overnight as the Department of Labor and Employment will still issue advisories for them to return and leave their employers. He also observed that OFWs will surely think twice if they return home since many of the Filipinos have live contracts either skilled or domestic workers.

    Furthermore, most of their employers might not easily issue exit visas since many skilled workers are important to their business and for the employers of the household service workers who spent much for the entry of the workers will not easily give them up, he added.

    Geslani disclosed that more than 20,000 household service workers (HSWs) which have been issued visas and were awaiting their departure are now stranded in the accommodations of licensed recruitment agencies deploying to Kuwait and the visas of these 20,000 HSWs may soon expire by the end of this month.

    He said recruitment agencies may have to divert these workers to countries receiving HSWs like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and United Arab Emirates while at the same suffering massive losses with their principals who have paid for their services.

    Geslani further said that there will be a massive drop in dollar remittances amounting to over 1.3 billion dollars if the government pushes through with the threat of a permanent deployment ban to Kuwait which has over 270,000 documented workers now in that country.

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    PH Air Traffic Management to be fully ready soon

    January 17th, 2018

    THE Philippines 10.8 billion Communication, Navigation, Surveillance-Air Traffic Management still needs to be fine-tuned to be fully operational before the end of 2018.

    This was disclosed Tuesday by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) spokesman Eric Apolonio saying that fine tuning would take a lot of time but just a few steps from becoming at par with other countries.

    “The fine tuning or “shadowing” started last October. We’re hoping that the system would be fully operational before the end of the year,” Apolonio said in an interview during the inauguration of the CNS-ATM system, which President Rodrigo Duterte led.

    Fine tuning is the process in which parameters of a model must be adjusted very precisely in order to agree with certain observations, or effectiveness.

    Apolonio added that because of the CNS/ATM, the CAAP would be able to monitor 80 percent of the Manila Flight Information Region (FIR) as assigned to the Philippines by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

    With President Duterte, other officials who attended the inauguration of the CNS/ATM are Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade, CAAP Director General Jim Sydiongco, Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, other Cabinet officials and Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koji Haneda.

    Later, Duterte, CAAP and other aviation officials made an ocular inspection of the satellite-based computers and communication systems.

    The high-tech equipment, which was partly funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), provide safer and more efficient air traffic management flow in the country, and will enable airlines to meet departure and arrival schedules.

    Before, the CAAP only used only three radars (Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1, Clark, and Tagaytay) in managing the country’s air traffic. As a result, it could only cover 30 percent of Philippine air space.

    (

    From three radars, the CAAP put up 10 additional radars in Aparri, Laoag, Cebu-Mt Majic, Quezon-Palawan, Zamboanga, NAIA 2, Mactan, Bacolod, Kalibo and Davao, which the agency said will now be able to cover 70 percent of Philippine air space.

    Out of the 13 radars, five are en route radars while the rest are terminal radars.

    The completion of the state-of-the-art computer and satellite-based air traffic system, was delayed for two years and it was only prioritized when President Duterte came into office, the CAAP said.
    Sydiongco added the new system will be more effective with the introduction of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C) and the Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC).

    The CNS/ATM will be able to cover 100 percent of the remaining oceanic airspace, hence increasing air traffic safety and capacity in the oceanic region of the Manila FIR.

    The new system works by sending satellite signals to aircraft transponders and by using transponder transmissions to determine precise locations of aircraft in the sky.

    The next generation satellite-based CNS/ATM would be able to reduce air traffic congestion and it will be more efficient, according to CAAP.

    The advantage of the new system, it is more precise and have a wider coverage, and those not covered by it would be taken over by satellites.

    The new system will introduce Air Traffic Flow Management and Air Space Management functions, which optimize the use of airport capacity thus minimizing delays and allowing more flexible and user-preferred air route selection.

    The CNS/ATM would enhance the tracking and billing of all overflights, as well as international and domestic flights, from which the CAAP derives its air navigation charges.

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    PH aviation authorities probing mysterious emergency landing at Bicol International Airport

    January 12th, 2018

    Gulfstream G200. Image ©

    THE Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is investigating an incident early this month when a private jet carrying Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas sensitive documents had an emergency landing at the Bicol International Airport.

    Part of the probe includes summoning its two pilots, Captain Pedro Pangilinan, Jr. and First Officer Jasper Ferguson.

    Initial result of the investigation shows that Pangilinan and Ferguson were flying a Gulfstream G200 jet which is bound to Legazpi, Albay from Manila when it suddenly made an emergency landing at the BIA, which is still under construction, reportedly due to sudden wind drop.

    It was further learned that the plane, which is operated by Asian Aerospace, was charted by the BSP to carry documents to its Legazpi branch.

    CAAP spokesman Eric Apolonio, in a text message, said Pangilinan and Ferguson with four others were not hurt during the incident. He, however, refused to name the passengers of the plane due to privacy concerns.

    Apolonio also said the jet is still in the grassy area of the BIA where CAAP probers are still investigating.

    Moreover, Apolonio said the result of the investigation cannot be released this week because investigators are still gathering more evidence, which includes the pilot communication to radio tower, to determine what really happened.

    According to a retired pilot, who refused to be identified, the wind drop can only temporary affect the aircraft, and therefore it can immediately resume normal flight after adjusting to a new wind speed.

    But, he added, if the plane was hit by a strong downdraft damaging it or if any of the passengers were hurt, perhaps that was when the pilots decided to make an emergency landing.

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    NAIA just a few steps away from becoming a full aerodrome

    January 4th, 2018

    NAIA runway

    THE Ninoy Aquino International Airport is just a few steps away from becoming fully compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization aerodrome standard.

    This was learned after the country’s premier airport operator, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), disclosed that it finally got a Temporary Aerodrome Certificate from the country’s aviation regulation after the NAIA met 81 percent of standard requirements concerning the facility and its operation.

    “It’s temporary. Because we have still five things to comply. We are going to correct these five aspects which is part of giving MIAA the final certification for the aerodrome,” MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal told reporters.

    Monreal said the MIAA would fix all the five items before June this year.

    “It’s a big challenge, but we have to do it.”

    Some eight years ago, the MIAA was told to resolve some of the requirements the ICAO found lacking after it made audit with Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Although there was some compliance of about 60 percent over the years, the MIAA for what reason was not given a chance to get the aerodrome certificate.

    MIAA GM Ed Monreal Photo ©

    Monreal noted that initially there are about 500 items that the MIAA needs to comply with. The number was reduced to 129 in 2010, until it was further reduced to 60. In September last year, the local aviation regulator told MIAA that it necessary to comply about the issue as part of the requirement based on ICAO standard.

    “With that short span of time we made some rectifications and managed to get 81 percent of the compliance. The passing points accordingly is about 70 points,” Monreal stressed.

    Moreover, he said that only 19 points are left to comply with by the MIAA to come up with the 100 percent rating. He said the five items that urgently need to be corrected are:

    • leveling road mounds between NAIA Terminals 2 and 4;
    • putting up maps to the airport’s runway coordinates;
    • setting forth wildlife hazard management plans;
    • producing facility operations manual; and
    • updating the aeronautical information publication.

    The airport executive said the MIAA would make some changes on coordinates’ measurements as points of the requirements.

    Monreal lamented that while other airports in the country had already obtained its certification, the MIAA despite the requirement, waited for eight long years to receive the temporary aerodrome certification.

    He, however, justified the tardiness by saying that the country’s premier gateway is so big and extensive – the NAIA has a land area of 645 hectares and with almost 750 flights a day, “that’s why our certification was a little bit late.”

    There are so many airports nationwide that were not yet certified this year, Monreal also said without elaborating.

    Monreal, however, assured that when it comes to air congestion, the problem is already being resolved. He explained that they have already rationalized the problem by preventing airlines who were able to queue and were given clearance to take off without scheduled slot at the NAIA.

    He said the MIAA crafted the policy concerning clearances together with the Civil Aeronautics Board and the CAAP to settle with the airlines involved.

    “On the area of flight operations, flight efficiency and on-time-performance have greatly improved because of restrictions and new policies we implemented for general aviation, international and domestic flight operations. We were likewise able to level the playing field for airlines by eliminating ‘colorum flights’,” Monreal said.

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    No to snob taxi drivers and colorum vehicles – Manila International Airport Authority

    January 1st, 2018

    Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Image ©

    THE Manila International Airport Authority has started the vigorous implementation of “Oplan Isnabero” and the intensified “anti-colorum” operations at the Philippines premier airport, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

    According to the MIAA, both operations which was started last Saturday, were meant against erring taxi drivers who are either choosy with their passengers or illegally operating taxi cabs within the airport complex. It is being implemented by the Airport Police Department (APD) who were deputized by the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

    It was learned that since the twin operations began, APD personnel are now regularly inspecting the LTFRB documents of taxis queuing at the designated lanes of the NAIA Terminal 1 arrival areas. It is a good thing that all public vehicles that were inspected since Saturday, including white taxis picking up and dropping off passengers at the Terminal 1 departure area, have complete franchising documents.

    MIAA GM Ed Monreal Photo ©

    MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal said the taxi documentation inspection is included in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by the MIAA and the LTFRB last August 19 in an effort to curb the operation of colorum (illegal) vehicles at the NAIA.

    The MOA empowered the APD to impound taxis with spurious documents, Monreal said. Adding that the ultimate aim of the operations is to improve public transport services at the country’s main gateway by strictly implementing national traffic management rules and regulations.

    “The operations is not only putting a stop to illegal transport operation at the country’s premier airport, the authority is also going after people engaged in the illegal enterprise,” Monreal stressed.

    Monreal, at the same time, disclosed that colorum vehicle operators will b meted fines ranging from P120,000 to P200,000 instead of the usual P1,000 fine.

    Meanwhile, the MIAA also advised all passengers to always watch out for their belongings while inside the airport terminals due to the heavy volume of passengers during the holiday season.

    Monreal appealed to passengers to secure all their belongings due to the rising number of misplaced and left behind luggage both at the terminal and inside the aircraft.


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    PH Airlines in historic Arctic flight

    December 19th, 2017

    One of Philippine Airlines Boing 777-300ER. Image ©

    PHILIPPINE Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, made history on Saturday when for the first time a Filipino airline flew over the Arctic region and made a 16.16 hour journey from Toronto, Canada to Manila.

    The PAL’s flight PR119 took off from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport at 12:53 am. (local Canadian time) on Sunday and arrived at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 6:10 am. on Sunday (Manila time) following its historic journey across the Arctic Region.

    Using the state-of-the-art 370-seater Boeing 777-300ER, with registry number RP-C7779, the plane flew 7,200 nautical miles or 13,300 kilometers from Canada via Greenland, the Arctic Circle, Russia, Mongolia and parts of China to the Philippines premier airport.

    The airline said the plane flew at cruising altitudes ranging from 29,000 to 37,000 feet.

    A PAL spokesperson, Cielo Villaluna, said the historic flight was led by PAL Vice President for Flight Operations Captain Florendo Jose “Chuck” Aquino 3rd together with Captain Raymond “XP” Casambre, First Officer Paul “Boom” Domingo and Second Officer Jonathanne “Jo” Hizon.

    This was the first non-stop direct flight from Toronto to Manila over the polar region (North Pole). Kudos to the PAL team which made this flight a reality and most importantly, congratulations to our PAL flight deck crew under the leadership of Capt. Chuck. You made us proud,” PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime J. Bautista said in a statement.

    I am truly honored to have been given the privilege to lead this milestone flight. More than that, I was glad to be part of a journey that brought much happiness to passengers on board as they were given a rare treat of the Northern Lights,” Captain Aquino said.

    PAL will be operating these non-stop Manila-Toronto and Toronto-Manila flights on a regular four times weekly schedule, with departures from Manila every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and departures from Toronto every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Villaluna said PAL decided to shift to direct non-stop service via the polar route to cut down the total traveling time between Toronto and Manila. The carrier used to operate flights between the two points with a stopover in Vancouver, a longer routing that resulted in a combined flying and ground time of 21 hours.

    This new route, she said, cuts travel time by 4.5 hours, a saving that translates to greater convenience for passengers.

    At present, the long-range B777 is the fleet for the polar route. The ultra-long-range Airbus A350s, which will be delivered starting 2018, will also serve the said route, Villaluna said.

    Villaluna added that passengers of this first polar route experienced PAL’s signature “Heart of the Filipino” service, in flight entertainment, WIFI connectivity and the comfortable seats and spacious cabins of the Boeing 777. The all Filipino cabin crew of PR119 comprised of 14 attendants and stewards headed by veteran Purser Gladys Santos.

    The airline is also planning to follow up with another polar crossing service on an even longer non-stop route (over 17 hours) from Manila to New York (JFK Airport) and from New York to Manila, using the A350 aircraft, within the second half of 2018.

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    Airlines told to expedite transfer of luggage at PH airport

    December 15th, 2017


    DUE to the mounting complaints about the delay in retrieving checked-in luggage, Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal directed all airline ground handlers to expedite the unloading of passengers’ luggage from the aircraft.

    Monreal said has recently been receiving numerous complaints from incoming passengers on the delayed retrieval of their checked-in luggage from the baggage carousel. He said the delay is causing congestion at the passenger terminal’s arrival conveyor area.

    To avoid or to minimize congestion, Monreal said ground equipment must be positioned at the aircraft bay staging area thirty minutes before the flight arrival for immediate transfer of checked-in baggage to the ramp conveyor system.

    First baggage/luggage must be at the conveyor belt within twelve minutes after the aircraft has parked at the designated parking bay and must be loaded to the conveyor belt forty minutes after the aircraft has parked.

    He added that as courtesy and for everyone’s safety within the baggage carousel, all passengers should be advised to kindly stand behind the yellow line for an orderly retrieval of luggage.

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    PH immigration deports 47 Koreans fugitives

    December 14th, 2017

    FORTY seven Korean nationals who are wanted in their country for various offenses were deported, the Bureau of Immigration at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport said on Thursday.

    BI Port Operations Division Chief Marc Red Mariñas said the deportees boarded Jeju Air flight 7C2382 escorted by hundred Korean Interpol after they were formally turned over to Korean authorities.

    According to Mariñas, the deportation was part of the process of decongesting the immigration jail from foreign inmates. He further revealed that said the BI has also scheduled the deportation of another fugitive who is wanted in United Kingdom (UK) for rape charges.

    British authorities sought the help of the Philippine immigration for the arrest of Mark Christopher Wyatt who was convicted in a British court but fled the UK in violation of his parole or for breaching a supervision order and notification requirements.

    Wyatt was arrested by the bureau’s fugitive search unit at his home in Camiling, Tarlac, Mariñas said.

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    PH airport authority apologizes for lack of AC at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

    November 29th, 2017

    NAIA Terminal 3 ©

    THE Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) on Wednesday apologized to the public for the inconvenience they suffered after parts of the air conditioning system at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 went out.

    We are experiencing warm temperature in some parts of NAIA Terminal 3 due to the ongoing repair of our central air-conditioning system. We apologize for the inconvenience,” MIAA General Manager Eddie Monreal said.

    Monreal explained that the problem of air-conditioning system at the NAIA Terminal 3 had already been addressed, however, it will take more time to fully resolve the issue since the purchase for some of its parts, including a brand-new air conditioning unit, passes through a law mandated bidding process.

    Monreal noted that the MIAA already ordered new ones and it is in the process of procuring stand-alone air-conditioning units to ensure that temperature at the affected areas is maintained at a comfortable level. He added that the MIAA understands how inconvenient it is to endure warm temperature inside the terminal.

    Our engineering team is on top of the situation and is doing all it can to improve the cooling system at the affected areas,” Monreal stressed

    It will be recalled that before Monreal took over the airport helm last year, the air-conditioning system of Terminal 3 is already in a bad condition.

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    More cash for senior citizen residents of Taguig City

    November 25th, 2017

    Taguig City Hall. Image ©

    EFFECTIVE next year, senior citizen residents of Taguig City will receive an increase in their birthday cash gift from the city government.

    This developed after the Taguig City council has passed an ordinance mandating such an increase to be effective beginning January 1 next year.

    Under Ordinance No. 25 Series of 2017, the senior citizen residents of Taguig City, depending on their respective age brackets – 60 to 69, 70 to 79 or 80 and above – will now receive PhP3,000, PhP4,000 and PhP5,000 cash gift from the city government.

    Next year’s cash gift increase is the second since the local city council made mandatory, through City Ordinance No. 09, the distribution of P500 monetary gifts to each of Taguig’s elderly on their birthdays in 2008.

    In 2013, the local council also adjusted each senior citizen’s birthday cash gift to P1,000.

    “In Taguig, we believe that if we have enough resources and capability to provide better services to the people then we do it,” said Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano curing the recent flag raising ceremony at the city hall grounds.

    Explaining the rationale behind the increase, Cayetano said she wants “our second parents to feel that they are part of a city government which includes them as one of its priorities since we understand the medical needs and expenses that come with old age.”

    Eligible for the birthday cash gift are senior citizens who are residents of Taguig for a minimum of five years and are registered voters of the city.

    To claim the birthday cash gift, an elderly resident should present his or her Senior Citizen ID card and signed photocopy of the said ID before the Office for Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) at the city hall for processing.

    If for whatever reason, except death, an elderly could not personally claim the give, a representative could do so provided that the representation could present an authorization letter, the senior citizen ID card of the beneficiary and a photocopy of the representative’s valid ID.

    The elderly is always a priority under Mayor Cayetano’s administration.

    Aside from the birthday cash gift, Taguigeño senior citizens are given a PhP1,500 social pension which is distributed quarterly.

    In addition to these benefits, Taguigeño senior citizens who reaches the age of 100 shall receive PhP100,000 cash gift from the city government on top of all other allowable monetary benefits.

    In Taguig, there is also a house-to-house delivery of free maintenance medicines for those with diabetes, high blood and asthma. They can also avail of the free eye checkups and prescription glasses under the Oplan Linaw program of the local government.

    Moreover, a home care service, dubbed TLC Home Care Service, which allows elderly residents to experience free nursing services at the comfort of their own homes is also being implemented in Taguig.

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    Longer contract for contractual Ninoy Aquino International Airport personnel effective next month

    November 23rd, 2017

    Some of the more than 1,000 contractual NAIA personnel. Image ©

    BEGINNING December 16, all contractual personnel working at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport will be given a three-year contract and better benefits by their respective employment agencies as part of the agreement between the Manila International Airport and the service providers who won the right to work on the Philippines premier airport.

    Consequently, some 1,057 job order personnel hired as building attendants on the four NAIA terminals are now entitled starting next month to receive a 13th month pay, health benefits and Social Security System (SSS) contribution next month, said MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal.

    Monreal explained that the move is “in line” with President Rodrigo Duterte’s desire to end the “endo” system especially in the government agencies.

    Last October, the MIAA conducted a bidding for the maintenance of the airport’s terminals through an open competitive procedures where three different winning bidders agreed to give the contractual personnel what is due them.

    Part of the agreement calls for the workers to be employed continuously for three years, and that their contract should be renewable every three years, unless the worker has serious violation during employment or is a habitual absentee.

    Monreal also pointed out that under the new contract, no age limit was set where able-bodied senior workers can work. The winning bidders were also advised to consider workers with violations for at least six months more of employment before letting them go.

    There are at least 356 building attendants working at NAIA’s Terminal 1, 272 in Terminal 2, 372 Terminal 3 and 57 in Terminal 4 – 272, at NAIA terminal 3 – 372, while in terminal 4 – 57 for a total of 1,057 personnel. Most of the building attendants are with the janitorial services for more than 10 years while some of them said they spend 15 years cleaning the toilets of NAIA.

    The NAIA Terminal 1 has 247 toilets, 47 in Terminal 2, 100 in Terminal 3, and 24 in Terminal 4.

    Alma Nival, one of the job order personnel at NAIA whose working status was for temporary projects or activities, welcome the “good opportunities” given them by MIAA.

    At least we are assured of employment for three years and the contract is renewable while the company exists and there will be 13th month pay, medical benefits and SSS,” Nival said in Filipino.


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    Suspected drug mule nabbed at Manila’s NAIA

    November 14th, 2017

    Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Image ©

    IN A bid to avoid detection and arrest at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, a suspected Colombian drug mule on Sunday swallowed 79 pellets with what are believed to be cocaine with an estimated street value of PhP8.8 million.

    Nevertheless, 67-year old suspect, Alberto Pedroza Quijano, was still arrested by members of the Airport Drug Interdiction Task Force Group (ADITFG) at the NAIA Terminal 3 following a tip from the United States government that he would be bringing in the illegal drugs into the country.

    Quijano arrived in the country on board an Emirate Airline Flight EK 332 that flew in from Dubai.
    The ADITFG said the suspect was immediately brought to the Pasay General Hospital where he underwent x-ray medical scanning procedure. Attending hospital staff later found rubber pellets in his stomach.

    The task force also said that it took more than 24 hours before the medical staff excrete the rubber pellets from the suspect. The substance later was brought to the PDEA laboratory for examination, while Quijano underwent drug test.

    According to the task force, what Quijano did to avoid detection and arrest is typical for a drug mule. It added that after swallowing the contraband, the mule would then transport his illegal cargo across borders and upon reaching their destination, the cargo is retrieved.

    A drug courier can swallow up to 120 balloons and during their journey, they take medication to inhibit bowel movement. Once they have reached their destination, they are fed laxatives and the balloons pass through their bodies, authorities said.

    In December 2015, a Venezuelan drug mule was caught with more than a kilogram of cocaine. Andres Rodriguez, 39, arrived from Abu Dhabi on board a Philippine Airlines PR657. He ingested 92 pellets of cocaine.

    Last year, airport authorities made at least 15 arrests against suspected foreign drug couriers.

    Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Ed Monreal said that they are sending strong message to drug syndicates that the “law enforcement agencies are joining hands to fight their way to a drug free country in order to provide a safe environment that is conducive for development.”

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    Security augmented at Manila’s international airport for the ASEAN summit

    November 9th, 2017

    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport ©

    PHILIPPINE airport authorities have intensified security at the country’s premier airport in anticipation of the arrival of seven world leaders who will attend the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Manila.

    Manila International Airport Authority Manager Ed Monreal said among the measures taken are the augmentation of security personnel at checkpoints leading to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport complex and the deployment of more bomb sniffing canines.

    Cops on patrol as security at NAIA was heightened ©

    He added that heads of security, terminal managers and specially trained policemen were also situated in different strategic areas of the airport complex to ensure the safety of the arriving dignitaries and the people working at, and using the airport.

    Among those expected to arrive for the ASEAN summit are: United States President Donald Trump, China’s Premier Xi Jinping, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, India’s President Ram Nath Kovind, Brunei’s Sultan Hassana Bolkiah and Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob.

    Meanwhile, international and local airlines operating at the NAIA terminals urged their clients traveling this week, until up to November 15, to allot sufficient time going to the airport to avoid missing their flights. They added that this is due to the anticipated more than normal heavy traffic brought about by road closures in connection with the upcoming ASEAN summit.

    Airline officials also advised air travelers to come early to check in, go through security and immigration checks, and process pre-departure requirements at the airport, to avoid long queues at the check-in counters.

    International and domestic check-in counters are open three hours before the scheduled time of departure and four hours for international flights while all check-in counters close 45 minutes before the scheduled time of flights except those exiting the Middle East (one hour) and Shanghai (50 minutes).


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    PH civil aviation authorities warned of a dangerous boom crane near the approach of Davao International Airport

    October 26th, 2017

    Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao International Airport) Image © Pinas Muna

    THE Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines on Wednesday sought the assistance of the Davao City government in connection with a boom crane that obstructs the approach and departure of airplanes from the nearby Francisco Bangoy International Airport due to its height.

    This was learned after the CAAP informed the local city government about the dangers that the boom crane over the PhP 3.1 billion worth Aeon Towers posed to approaching and departing aircraft from the city’s airport.

    According to CAAP Spokesperson Eric Apolonio, the obstruction caused by the boom crane also prompted the CAAP to issue a Notice-To-Airmen (Notam) limiting airport’s Runway 23 to landing only and Runway 05 was limited to takeoff procedures.

    At the same time, the CAAP said it summoned the building developer, the FTC Group of Companies Corp., and have it explained why they did not obtain clearance for the use of boom crane although they obtained height clearance for the construction of the tower building from the city government.

    The presence of high boom crane, which is approximately 250 meters in angle from the right side of airport’s final approach, has prompted the city government of Davao to prepare all legal remedies in case the Aeon Towers developer does not remove the airplane flight hazard construction equipment as it promised.

    Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio reportedly threatened to shut down the construction of the 33-storey Aeon Tower condominium, the tallest building and the tallest skyscraper in Mindanao, should it fail to take down the boom crane.

    Apolonio said FTC Group of Companies informed the CAAP that they would need a few days to remove the equipment.

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    Filipino IT experts set to fly to Japan to participate in the 2017 Asian Entrepreneurship Award.

    October 25th, 2017

    Young IT experts of Mr. Geek Mobile Solution Inc., (from L-R) Romeo Sustiguer Jr, President; Elise tupas Mello, Senior Sales Manager; Rowinner G. Bautista, Chairman and CEO; and Eduardo Maghanoy, Chief Project Officer. Photo © Benjie Vergara

    EXPERTS from a newly established Filipino Internet Technology company will vie for global recognition and acclaim at Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2017 in Chiba, Japan.

    IT experts from Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions, Inc. led by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rowinner G. Bautista, President Romeo Sustiguer, Jr. Senior Sales Manager Elise Tupas Mello and Chief Project Officer Eduardo V. Maghanoy flew to the Land of the Rising Sun via the Philippine Airlines on Wednesday to join with 21 other companies from all around Asia who will compete for the prestigious award.

    The group represents the lone Filipino company to compete in the three day event (Oct. 25 to 27).

    “By using MyStart-Apps, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)will now have the ability to create decent, high quality and fully customizable mobile app through a user-friendly platform in less than 30 minutes and is absolutely free. This will enable them to save on cost of development and allocate their budget to other more essential needs in running their business,” Bautista said.

    The MyStart-Apps had a soft launch last year at the SMX Mall of Asia but this will be followed by a grand launching in December.

    Moreover, Bautista said by building one’s business on MyStart-Apps allows promising start ups to build their business and provide more value to their brand.

    With MyStart-Apps, the business can now communicate directly to their customers by sending notices, updates and even advertisements to customers’ digital devices, particularly smart phones powered by either Android or iOS.

    “As a young tech start-up company, it had always been our dream to be recognized internationally as an app developer from the Philippines and make the country proud. But more than that, as a former MSME, our mission is to help other local MSMEs to achieve their greatest potential ad contribute to the growth of the Philippine economy,” Bautista said.

    The participants will be judged based on innovativeness, commercial viability and social impact of the business, and its potential to expand and bring changes to the global economy and society. They will also be judged based on business performance with focus on competitive advantages, management team, strategic vision, and communication capabilities that include presentation skills.

    Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions, Inc is part of the Mr. Group Capital Holdings, Inc. or Mr. Group of Companies (MGC).

    MGC is an investor firm in the Philippines, with several business units that offer various platforms that bridge people with the passion to start and succeed in their chosen enterprise, and those who want to invest in high-return ventures with least exposure to much risk, according to Bautista.

    The Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2017, which will be held from October 25 to 27, at the Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab in Kahiwa City; will give cash prize, free use of office in Japan and capitalization to the company who will be voted as winner.

    The prestigious award, Bautista said, will be watched by hundreds venture capitalists around the globe.

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    PH’ NAIA rescue teams passed CREX with flying colors

    October 19th, 2017

    TO ENSURE the proficiency of its rescue teams in responding to emergency situations, the Manila International Airport Authority on Thursday held the 2017 Crash and Rescue Exercise which simulated an airplane crash and passenger rescue in the country’s premier airport.

    According to MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal, last Thursday’s exercise assumed that a Clark-bound plane carrying 75 passengers and six crew on board has encountered engine trouble while takeoff and crashed at the NAIA’s Runway 13 and burst into flames. The exercise showed how the team put off the fire using a chemical foam and rescue the stricken passengers.

    YouTube Video courtesy: DOTr

    He said the exercise, which is held every two years in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Suggested and Recommended Practices (ICAO-SARPS), showed that the NAIA responded well beyond the time required by ICAO.

    Monreal said the minimum response time of NAIA should be within five minutes but last Thursday exercise showed that the responders arrived at the crash site from the NAIA’s Fire and Rescue building in only two minutes, way beyond the time requirements set by ICAO.

    At the same time, Monreal said fire and rescue teams from different fire stations outside the NAIA also volunteered to participate during the exercise.

    Among those who witnessed Thursday’s CREX were the different government and private agencies, including military units, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Pasay City local government, Office for Transportation Security, and Department of Transportation.

    Meanwhile, the Monreal disclosed that the MIAA has in its lists a fleet of nine fire trucks, each with the capacity of carrying at least 3,000 gallons of water or an aggregate capacity of 15,000 gallons of water, aside from 500 pounds of dry chemicals each fire truck carries.

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    PH’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport no longer one of the world’s worst

    October 18th, 2017

    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport ©

    THE reforms made at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport have finally bore fruit as it is now no longer considered as one of the world’s top 20 worst airports.

    According to the Manila Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) on Wednesday, the latest survey of the travel website “The Guide To Sleeping In Airports” published on October 15, no longer includes the country’s premier airport as among the 20 worst airports in the world.

    Moreover, the NAIA is also no longer included in the list of the top five worst airports in Asia of the same travel website.

    (Read More:

    MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal said that among the reforms implemented during the Duterte administration were the restriction on general aviation to prioritize commercial flights and reduce flight delays.

    The imposition of the five-minute rule (where pilots who declare they are ready to take off must depart within the prescribe time or they would be put back at the back of the queue) to reduce flight delays and instill discipline among airlines.

    The construction of Rapid Exit Taxiways to allow an aircraft to leave the runway at higher speed and increase flight movements; provision of cleaner toilets, additional seats, free WiFi, and well-wishers’ area.

    Regular taxis (white taxis) were also allowed to queue and pick-up passengers at designated points in NAIA terminals to address shortage of taxi units servicing passengers.

    “We are happy to hear the recent development. However, the bigger challenge now is on how we can maintain or even surpass this achievement. We are only good as the last race. The task ahead is enormous, we are wishing to be part of the list of best airports in the future,” Monreal stressed.

    In the past, NAIA has consistently made the list of world’s worst airports where travelers rate airports based on their overall airport experience.

    Some of the traveler’s complaints are long queues, broken toilets and air-conditioning units, as well as dishonest taxi pricing and limited public transport options have constantly plagued the NAIA thus earned the “world’s worst airport” title from 2011 to 2013.

    In 2014, it landed in the 4th place. It was not included in the top 10 worst airports in the world in 2015, but landed 8th worst airport in Asia.

    The October 2016 survey where NAIA landed 5th place as world’s worst airports was attributed to the issue of “laglag-bala,” which was among the complaint of travelers especially overseas Filipino workers, but was later addressed after the term of the Aquino administration.

    Meanwhile, four Philippine airports have again joined the list of the top 25 best airports in Asia for this year — Iloilo International Airport, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport, and Davao International Airport.


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    PH’ Iloilo International Airport resumes operations

    October 16th, 2017

    The Cebu Pacific’s Airbus 320 that overshot the Iloilo International Airport runway. Image ©

    THE Philippines’ Iloilo International Airport has resumed operations Monday afternoon after being closed since late Friday night due to a stuck Cebu Pacific’s plane which overshot the runway allegedly due to increment weather.

    Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) spokesman Eric Apolonio said the agency lifted the closure notice at 2p.m. after it declared that the runway usable and safe for aircraft flight operations.

    He added the stricken Airbus 320, which was stuck in mud and the grassy portion of the Runway 20, was removed shortly before noon and towed to a nearby hangar for further inspection.

    On Sunday, the well-equipped fire and rescue team of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), which have lifting bags, flew to Iloilo airport to help in the recovery of the aircraft. However, the team encountered problems as the area is too muddy and the inclement weather in the area made it difficult to remove the damaged plane (CEB 5J641) from the mud.

    The wheels of the aircraft was stuck in at least 20-inch of mud, the CAAP said.

    The IIA, which is one of the airports under CAAP supervision, handles 42 flights a day (20 departures, 20 arrivals and two international flights).

    Meanwhile, CAB Charo Logarta said they have yet to assess the damage saying experts from Airbus will do the assessment. Its priority is to clear runway and open the Iloilo airport.

    At the same time, the CAB has expressed their gratitude to the CAAP, the MIAA, the local government of Iloilo and other partners for their assistance.

    “We also thank our passengers for their patience and understanding, and the public for their support,” the airline said in a statement.

    Read More:

    Iloilo International Airport to remain closed until Sunday night

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