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Infographic: Why is fentanyl dangerous?

By CGTN / Guo Meiping, Yu Yiwei

FENTANYL, a strong narcotic analgesic, has raised attention around the world.

Fentanyl is an important ingredient in “laboratory drugs.” It is easy to derive different variants called “fentanyl analogs.”

Just 0.02 grams of a “fentanyl analog” is enough to kill an adult. As such, fentanyl has been targeted by international traffickers and become a vital ingredient for them to develop new drugs.

In the Xi-Trump meeting on the sidelines of the just-concluded G20 summit, the two sides agreed to take proactive steps to combat illicit drugs, including fentanyl.

The measures adopted in this respect by China so far have been applauded by the international community, including the United States. China has decided to list all the fentanyl-like substances as controlled substances and start working to adjust related regulations.




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