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Stay alert

STAY awake and be alert. This is the message of Advent, and this is Jesus’ message to his followers in Luke’s Gospel reading today.

This week we begin Advent a season of preparation wherein Christians globally make themselves ready for the coming of the incarnation of God in Christ Jesus. We also begin a new year of new readings and this year we will be focusing upon Luke’s Gospel.

Friends, our Gospel lesson for today from Luke 21: 25-36 speaks to us for the need to be ready for the coming of God, for the end of this world and for apocalyptic times ahead. Here Jesus does not answer us when it is going to take place but what is going to happen when God shows up.

There will be famines, distress, unusual behavior in the world, dismay among the nations, struggle and world turmoil.

Jesus calls us to be watchful of what is happening around us and be open to the signs of the coming of God’s reign in the midst of our busy but stable life. Our call then is to learn to be those who live with the constant sense of God’s presence regardless of our circumstances.

Advent invites us to be a people who recognizes the signs of God’s reign that are already happening in the world in places of restoration, peace and sacrificial service.

The Rev. Isaias Ginson is a priest of The Episcopal Church. He is currently the priest in charge of the Episcopal church of St. Margaret’s in Plainview, NY.









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