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Christ the King

AS we come to the last Sunday of the church cycle (B) of preaching we arrive with Jesus before Pilate. On this Christ the King Sunday we are given an opportunity to proclaim faithfully what we believe and to be challenged by what we say. We hover on the edge of a season of expectation. Who is it we await and prepare for? This is the purpose of this Sunday’s lesson.

We are Christians and we proclaim a unique Jesus and a unique kingdom. This is our work this Sunday: to clearly state the faith of the church in a God who is God of all, his Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We are called to preach the gospel of good news of salvation: that the kingdom of this world is passing away and that a kingdom of God based upon love and truth with one another and God is taking root.

We do this in all places and in all times. Sometimes our church has done it well, sometimes we have not. We are to positively engage and dialogue beyond a tolerance of others. We offer a view of the social and human condition that locates all humanity in the embrace of a loving and caring God. A God who is revealed corporeally in the person of Jesus.

In our local communities and lives, it is easy to set up our own little kingdoms even when we are doing good or working for justice. It is easy to get caught up in purely human agendas and priorities, but we all know that this too will fail us.

We are called to embody the priorities and values of Christ and God’s kingdom. This means we have to relinquish the desire and need to be right all the time. It also means to renew our commitment to serving God and our neighbor.

It means keeping Christ at the center of our worship and in whom we model our lives, for it is only in our daily commitment to the values of the Kingdom that we say and live out Christ as our King in our lives.

The Rev. Isaias Ginson is a priest of The Episcopal Church. He is currently the priest in charge of the Episcopal church of St. Margaret’s in Plainview, NY.








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