Technology and Security Leaders Unite at Tech Talk 2018

Check out these TechSec industry leaders as they talk about the current trends.
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THE tech industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace and if people are not fully invested in keeping up with the latest developments, they might feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available.

This is why WOCEE and WOSAS 2018, the biggest technology and security expo in the country respectively, are bringing together leaders from the industry to give valuable Tech Talks on different aspects of the tech scene to help people stay on track with current trends in technology and security. Here are a few interesting topics which the experienced speakers will talk about during the two-day event.

Nowadays, it is best to be prepared for any attacks, may they be physical or digital, in every company. Knowledge on how to deal with these dangerous scenarios may save companies and individuals from disasters that may occur.

A talk on crisis management will be given by Munnies Pillai, a 35-year veteran of the security industry.

Prakash Christiansen, a 20-year veteran in the business, will also elaborate on the topic of “Cyber Security Threat in Today’s Economic Condition.”

Dr. Lois Reyes and Michael Datuin will each give a talk on the importance of Campus Security and Health.

Carlo Ople, a known name in the YouTube and digital marketing industry will talk about the ins and outs of “How to be a Youtuber,” from a business perspective.

Sean Si, a search engine optimization expert, will talk about how to build “Digital Influence” in today’s over saturated digital market.

Dean Armada and Angel Redoble will also be giving their own talks about the unknown threats in national and cyber security.

The Tech Talk will be happening December 6 and 7 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Join other exciting events at the 2nd World of Consumer Electronics Exposition (WOCEE) and the 2nd World of Safety and Security (WOSAS), which will be on going until December 8!

Grounds are open from 10am up to 8pm and. Skip long queues! Pre-register online at or Learn from experienced figures in the industry at Tech Talk 2018.



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