Fil-Ams mobilize opposition to “looming Philippine dictatorship”

By Abner Galino

MALAYA, a U.S.-based alliance against the killings in the Philippines, on Friday night held a forum in downtown Los Angeles to galvanize Filipinos and non-Filipinos to oppose President Rodrigo Duterte.

The forum, “Voices From The Frontlines: Stories from the Human Rights Crisis in the Philippines and the Struggle for Justice,” was hosted by actress and activist Giselle “G” Tongi together with Hiyas Saturay and Eric Tandoc, two community journalists who were hurt and detained while covering the NutriAsia strike in the Philippines.

Workers in the Philippines are suffering more, as wages remain low and prices of basic necessities are increasing,” said Saturay.

The attacks on the press reflect the sad state of democracy in the country. It is an alarming sign of an increasingly fascist rule.” Tandoc said, who is also the secretary general of the Philippines-US Solidarity Organization – Southern California (PUSO-SoCal).


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