Ampalaya Monologues to Restage Bitt3rd Anniversary Show

AFTER the success of its anniversary show last October 27th, Ampalaya Monologues is going to restage its newest collection dubbed as “Bitt3rd.”

The Ampalaya Monologues’ Bitt3rd collection is about the two kinds of people; those who drink and those who cause the urge to drink.

It asks, “Which one will you be?” As the night unfolds, interconnected stories of those who have taken chances find themselves to be both, through their own and others’ experiences.

The collection received positive reactions, with most audience describing it as a “roller coaster ride of emotions”, an “iyak-tawa kinda night”, and “super fun yet super hurtful.”

Written and directed by Mark Ghosn, the pieces will be given to life by Monologista Inc., the Philippines’ premier, pioneer group of monologists which includes Janine Lloce, Abe Herma, Jerome Dawis, Sonson O., Justinne Punsalang, Ristichen, among others.

To add more heart to the special evening are Spoken Word Artists Carlo Hornilla, Antonio Bathan Jr., Daniel Baja, and more.

Grab your last chance to catch #Bitt3rd – The Ampalaya Monologues Anniversary show on November 18th, 4PM to 7PM at Arts Above, Quezon City with tickets at PhP300 each.

Message Ampalaya Monologues at www.m.me/ampalayamonologues to reserve your tickets or go to www.ticket2me.net (https://ticket2me.net/e/1061/bitt3rd-ampalaya-monologues-3rd-anniversary-show)

Catch Ampalaya Monologues online through the following pages:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AmpalayaM

Instagram: www.instagram.com/AmpalayaMonologues

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmpalayaMonologues

YouTube: www.youtube.com/AmpalayaMonologues




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