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LA County Beach Commission endorses Measure W

Image by Pasadena Weekly

THE Los Angeles County Beach Commission has voted on Wednesday to support Measure W, a November ballot proposal that Commissioners said would help protect the County’s iconic beaches from trash and contaminants after rainfall.

The Commission voted unanimously to support the “Los Angeles Region’s Public Health and Safe, Clean Water Program,” a property tax assessment that would generate $300 million per year to fund projects and programs that capture, clean and conserve storm water.

“After it rains, trash and contaminants flow from the storm drains onto the County’s beaches and into the ocean, harming people and marine life,” said Jeff Duclos, Chair of the Commission, which serves as an advisory board to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

“Programs funded by Measure W would help prevent polluted runoff from flowing to the coast.”

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If approved by the voters in November, County Measure W would fund projects and programs that capture, clean, and conserve storm water—increasing local water supplies, improving water quality, and creating opportunities for new recreational green space and habitat.

The measure would also help protect coastal waters and beaches from the trash and contaminants that make people sick and threaten marine life.

The programs would be paid for by a 2.5 cent parcel tax on impermeable areas, such as concrete roofs and sidewalks.
Low-income seniors and schools would be exempt, and property owners who have recently made qualifying improvements to their properties would be eligible for credits.


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