War Scenario in the Middle East and Beyond: Part I*

SEVERAL key motivations are prompting the US to wage war in Iran and beyond. The first of these was described in my last article in my last column.

In order to preserve and strengthen US world dominance as the sole superpower, the US needs to gain physical control of the Eurasian “Heartland” that Sir Halford Mackinder theorized as the key to world domination. And the gateway to that “Heartland” is Iran. Hence, Iran must be placed under complete US control, either by regime change or military occupation and control of Iran.

The second reason for waging a major war in the Middle East and beyond (i.e., against Russia and China) is the Wolfowitz Doctrine summarized as follows:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, which poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

Russia and China are emerging as new US rivals that pose a threat on the order much greater than that of the former Soviet Union. China has already surpassed the US GDP in terms of purchasing power parity; and will surely surpass the US GDP in a couple more years by whatever measurement is used.

Russia, on the other hand, has surpassed US nuclear technology by developing delivery systems that can reach any place on earth, maneuverable, at hypersonic speed, and impervious to any known anti-missile system of the US at present. One such missile, the SARMAT, can literally erase the UK, or France, or Israel from the map in one blow.

China is silent about its DF41 series of ICBMs, but its capabilities wouldn’t vary much from that of SARMAT. China has already developed a working hypersonic glide vehicle to individually carry the multiple nuclear warheads of its DF41s that can be impervious to any known anti-ballistic missile system of the US because of their maneuverability.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine is very much in vogue to the Neocon personalities that form the inner circle of Trump’s cabinet; exemplified by John Bolton, the National Security Adviser, and Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State. These Neo-cons in the Trump cabinet are deeply mired in the so-called Thucydides Trap; that war between the US and China/Russia is inevitable, so they better start it now while the US is still ahead militarily and economically.

In the past, both Pompeo and Bolton have recommended bombing Iran to kingdom come! Now that they are holding key positions in the US government, they might as well do just that.

The third reason for the US starting a major war in Iran involves covering up or trying to stop a catastrophic collapse of the US dollar.

At the moment, the US dollar is backed up only by US military strength – considered as the mightiest war machine in the world. The US dollar is no longer backed up by gold, as it was removed from the gold standard by former President Richard Nixon way back in 1971. Through the efforts of Henry Kissinger, the dollar’s backing became oil, when Saudi Arabia agreed to use the US dollar as the sole currency in its oil transactions, which the rest of OPEC member countries soon followed. And in October, 1973, the US dollar became petrodollar and the world’s reserve currency.

Leaders of countries who dare go against the petrodollar system met gruesome ends; with Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Khadafy of Libya as stark examples. Thus, the US was able to continue with its financial policy of quantitative easing or QE, wherein the US Federal Reserve prints US dollars by the trillions literally out of thin air; and use said currency to pay for their foreign debt obligations; pay for the federal budget deficits; and pay for their foreign trade deficits.

China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and some other countries have seen through this insidious dollar hegemony and they have taken active steps as counter measures.

Russia, for instance, sells its oil and gas to China and accepts payment in Renminbi, China’s domestic currency. China, on the other hand, has established oil futures denominated in Yuan that can be exchanged with gold at a Shanghai gold exchange.

In effect, China’s currency, the Renminbi, is now backed up by gold. Qatar has also started selling its gas to China in Renminbi or Yuan. Pretty soon, the SCO countries, the BRIC countries, and the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative would be using the Yuan as well, because it is backed up by gold while the US dollar is not. It will just be a matter of time when Central Banks all over the world will be rushing to the exit to get rid of their US dollar reserves because it will not be backed up by anything except brute force.

A run on the US dollar will mean the collapse of the entire US economy. The only way for the US to prevent such catastrophe is a major war; and this major war could be directed against Iran, first, followed by Russia and China – the principal actors opposing US global hegemony. The triumvirate of Iran, Russia, and China are also the key occupiers of the Eurasian “Heartland.”

In effect, the next major war that is developing will be a major battle for the Heartland; with the US and its key allies trying to take over and rule the Heartland of Eurasia. What can the US and its loyal allies do to conquer the Heartland? What can the said Triumvirate, in turn, do to defend? These questions will be answered in the succeeding article.

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Victor Corpus, M.P.A.
A graduate of Philippine Military Academy Cl’67; MPA ’90 from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Brig. Gen. Victor N. Corpus, (AFP, retired) spent five years with the New People’s Army (1971-76); detained for 10 years under Martial Law and sentenced to death by musketry; and became Chief, Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Can be reached at: viccor2003@yahoo.com

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