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More moms donate to QC Human Milk Bank

QC health department urges lactating mothers to donate to human milk bank. Image © GMA Network

MORE mothers have become aware of the Quezon City Human Milk Bank and its role in saving the lives of sick and premature babies hence the increase in the number of donors of mom’s milk.

In a statement Thursday, the QC government said that a total of 630 lactating mothers donated to the QC-HMB in the fourth quarter of 2018, covering the months from July to September, an increase from the 560 recroded donors in the third quarter of this year.

QC said it recognizes social media’s significant contribution in popularizing its human milk bank program.

We were able to reach out to donors through our Facebook at Instagram platforms. Mas marami na ang walk-in donors from lactating mothers who donated their milk. Plus, ang mga scheduled milk letting activities by the local health of the city and barangays din. Mas maganda ang information dissemination this time,” QC-HMB director Dr. Shahani Duque said.

The QC-HMB collected a total of 28,740 ml of milk last quarter, Duque added.

Over 200 babies with cases of premature birth, sepsis, and neonatal pneumonia, as well as mothers who cannot produce enough milk, benefitted from the donated human milk in the fourth quarter, QC-HMB reported.

Lactating mothers who wish to donate human milk can visit the QC General Hospital or any of the eight QCHMB depots, namely: San Francisco Lying-in, Batasan Hills Lying-in, Betty Go-Belmonte Lying-in, Murphy Lying-in, Kamuning Lying-in, Arsenia Maximo Lying-in, Sta. Lucia Lying-in clinics, and the NGC (National Government Center) Health Center in Barangay Commonwealth.

Quezon City is the second local government unit in Metro Manila to operate its own human milk bank as part of its drive to become a ‘mother/baby-friendly’ city.

QC-HMB was established on March 23, 2015 by Mayor Herbert Bautista, in compliance with the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009 that requires government and private health care institutions to set up milk banks.

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