Ampalaya Monologues presents Bitt3rd aaniversary show on October 27 at Green Sun Makati

A NEW set of Ampalaya Monologues will come to life for the show’s third anniversary dubbed as “Bitt3rd.” This set is said to be the deepest, funniest and most relatable to date.

Ampalaya Monologues is an episodic play that has been staged in various venues around the country. These include the PETA Theater Center. Iloilo, Bicol, MOA Concert Grounds, Zamboanga, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The show has been recreated into different versions and now has a collection of over 70 monologues, all written by Mark Ghosn. On each show one promise has been kept, you may come in bitter but you will definitely come out feeling better.

On October 27, 2018, at Axon in Green Sun, there would be two kinds of people. Those who drink and those who cause the urge to drink. Ampalaya Monologues asks, “Which one will you be?” As the night unfolds, interconnected stories of those who have taken chances find themselves to be both through their own and others’ experiences.

Pieces will be given to life by Monologista Inc., the Philippines’ premier, pioneer group of monologists which includes Janine Lloce, Abe Herma, Jerome Dawis, Sonson O., Patty Arro, Justinne Punsalang, Ristichen, among others.

To add more heart to the special evening are Spoken Word Artists Carlo Hornilla, Antonio Bathan Jr., Beverly Cumla, Zuela Herrera and other surprise guests.

#Bitt3rd – The Ampalaya Monologues Anniversary show will be from 730PM to 10PM at Green Sun, Makati with tickets at P300 each. Message Ampalaya Monologues at www.m.me/ampalayamonologues to reserve your tickets!

Catch Ampalaya Monologues online through the following pages:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AmpalayaM

Instagram: www.instagram.com/AmpalayaMonologues

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmpalayaMonologues

YouTube: www.youtube.com/AmpalayaMonologues




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