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Keep your eyes open

IN this Sunday’s Gospel reading, we have the Gospel in Mark chapter 10,” the Son of man came to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

In this Gospel he hear, the disciple John and James approaching Jesus with a request to let them sit at the left and the right hand when he comes in His glory. I used to be irritated with what seems like an arrogant request.

And Christ checks them at the end by not lording their authority on others.

But this request comes also from the other apostles who have been with Christ. After this Gospel is the Triumphal entry to Jerusalem. So it is right near the passion and death and resurrection of Christ. His apostles have been formed and their desire is for Christ, for intimacy to walk with him in His suffering and to be His intimate companions ruling with him on His right and left hand.

I can really identify with that position. There desire to follow Christ without knowing what that looks like. So they come up with their own ideas.

Its going to look like this God, It should be like this. I think you like me to this.

Christ is always informing our understanding of what His call looks like in our life and what the path of discipleship is in our lives.

In this Gospel let us rejoice with James and John and their desire to follow Christ. Christ saying yes, you will drink the cup with me, yes, you will be baptize with the same baptism that I am going through. But he also shares with them that it will be different from what they expect.

So this week as a disciple of Christ, be open and keep your eyes open for ways that He will reform or inform what you expect him to do in your life.

And what He is calling you to do.

The Rev. Isaias Ginson is priest of The Episcopal Church. He is currently priest in charge of the Episcopal church of St. Margaret’s in Plainview, NY.








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