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Can you follow Jesus?

THIS week we celebrate the 28th week/ Proper 23 year B in Ordinary time. Here we find a young man, seeking more, seeking something in his life. Jesus replies, “Go sell what you have and give the money to the poor and follow me.” And the rich young men went away sad.

The young man is attracted to Christ, he sees him, sees there is something more here he desires, to give his life to something, to someone. But he has also has attachment to his former way of life. Here we see that when Christ calls there is something that is amazing and exciting and but at the same time terrifying.

I was with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and after two years of priestly training (curacy), I was called to go and spend a few years in the mission field and to lead a more radical life and I ended up in the Episcopal Church in Micronesia. It was one of the best chapters in my ministry. It was a simple living out of Christ call to go and be ‘present’ to God’s people as silent witness to the Gospel. This was the call that attracted me. It moved my heart. But I was terrified.

But the call of the Lord is to seek His face, to leave everything behind and follow him. He looks at us with love realizing that conflict in our heart of sometimes of sometimes wanting to remain the same but at the same time the desire to take that radical step forward.

And so what I encourage you to do is to look through your life and see what one area in your life that you are afraid to give to the Lord at the same time what you are also attracted to and what it could mean in my life to hear the voice of God and to follow Him.

The Rev. Isaias Ginson is priest of The Episcopal Church. He is currently priest in charge of the Episcopal church of St. Margaret’s in Plainview, NY.








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