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QC Mayor Herbert Bautista orders the inspection of all buildings in the city 30 years or old

QC Mayor Herbert Bautista Photo by Get Real Philippines!

WITH the coming “Big One” in mind, Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista has recently signed an ordinance directing the city’s Engineering Department, Department of Building Official and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (QCDRRMO) to conduct a structural integrity audit on all buildings in the city.

The structural audit in all buildings, private and government owned, is mandatory especially for structures that are built 30 years ago and those that are located in fault line or danger zones.

City Ordinance 2724-2018, introduced by Councilor Ramon P. Medalla, states that the audit aims to evaluate and assess potentially hazardous structures and buildings within the territorial jurisdiction of the city that are vulnerable to severe damage in the event of an earthquake.

The Quezon City Government mandates the promotion and development of an earthquake risk reduction and management program in order to mitigate if not to eliminate the effects of major natural and man-made disasters as well as to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the Quezon City residents,” the ordinance read.

The Engineering Department will be in-charge of the structural integrity audit of buildings built and owned by local and national government while the DBO will look on privately-owned buildings’ structural integrity. On the otherhand, QCDRRMO will be responsible for identifying whether the site is located along the west valley fault and danger zones.

A notice of structural audit will be sent to the owner. Upon receiving the said notice, the building must conduct the structural audit within 30 days and will submit “structural audit report” to DBO. The DBO will then scrutinize the report and enforce compliance of all repairs and restorations in the Structural Audit Report.

If the owner of the building consistently fails to carry out all the repairs and restorations highlighted in the report, the DBO will take charge in the repairs and restorations on its own and recover the cost of it from the building owner.

The owner’s Occupancy Certificate will be revoked if he or she fails to carry out the needed repairs and restorations. Continuous refusal to carry out these out will result to criminal charges against the building owner.

The city government desires to strengthen the city’s resiliency against human induced or natural disaster by recognizing the vision, policy framework and strategies capitalized on disaster risk reduction and management in QC,” the ordinance read.


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