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Fil-Ams’ McDonalds prank went viral

By Daniella Flanagan

HOUSTON, Tx – Two of my dearest Pinoy pares, kaibigans made it their mission this summer to take on the challenge of Asian Americans Pacific Islanders representation in the media.

The success of Crazy Rich Asians pushed #AAPI Representation to the forefront of conversation in the media right after the smashing success of Black Panther.

As the #MAGANDANGMORENX movement ally, equality, justice, and representation have always been important topics to me personally.

Seeing Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians all in one year had a powerful impact on me and so many other African American and Asian Americans. It made me realize even more that representation directly correlates to a young person’s confidence. It was so empowering as a child to see some faces like mine in network and cable TV shows, movies on BET; Barbie dolls, dolls, even cartoons with characters that looked like me, and minorities ‘doing it’ from sports to academia splashed across social media and the news.

However, more is needed; the work is not done. Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo noticed that this summer. They took the issue of lack of representation face to face a little over 50 days ago. Still wondering if that selfie with the Asian male eyeglass model on the poster on Bellaire Blvd I showed him after dining at Magic Cup was the inspiration. That was Jevh’s #doppleganger.


One day after taping an episode for our health and wellness segment at Kinetix Fitness, Jevh and Christian said they were going to hang their pictures up in the local McDonald’s. Simple – they wanted to see more Asian representation in McDonald’s ads so they made it happen. Why? There were pictures of other ethnicities but not Asians. Jevh is Filipino American and Christian is Filipino. And they did it! At ginawa nila ito! And it’s a viral sensation! At ito ay isang pandamdaming viral!

It went viral when Jevh posted on @Twitter; and it got picked up on @Reddit, too. As of the writing of this article, the Tweet has over 465,000 likes, and 118,000 retweets and 1800 comments!

Jevh’s @YouTube video “We Became McDonald’s Poster Models” has 140,700 views 5.2K likes and 106 comments! Jevh and Christian documented the whole process too. And in his undeniably #Texanness, yes that’s a thing, trust me it’s like #Californianess, speaking as a Californian; Jevh posted the #Youtube link for y’all (you all) {{yep that quintessential Texas inclusive word}} to watch.

See the comment below and the you can watch the video on this link:

… and @Reddit – They made the front cover! As of the writing of this article, they have garnered 3645 comments and 180,000+ comments. The comments on @Reddit are pure hilarity – especially about the ice cream machines at McDonald’s! Granted they are missing the total point about representation. But it is still funny; and in the racially charged political environment in the US, we all need a laugh once in a while.


And the local media came knocking too! ABC13, KHOU, … Jevh said in a Facebook post: “OMG! Overwhelmed!Interviews by local Houston TV, KPRC & KHOU😲 then local LA radio by phone”

UH student pulls off impressive McDonald’s ad prank https://abc13.com/4139154/ via @ABC13Houston

Enjoy Christian and his sister watching the footage play. The sibling connection is just too adorbs!



After viewing Crazy Rich Asians, Chrissy Tegien posted on the following comment on Instagram, “You never know how much you miss being represented on screen until you actually see what it’s like to be represented. And represented by all different types of characters with all different types of personalities, just like any other great movie, TV show or film.” – IG: Chrissy Tiegen

In Houston with one of the largest Asian populations in the nation, it is already making a difference, check out the graph and this little cutie with her father at McDonald’s next to Jevh and Christian’s picture. Hopefully they score some free food too – like gift cards we can trade in and get some for Jollibee. No offense. The bee has my heart and soul (ko sa iyo Bee) and everyone is represented on the walls at @Jollibee Houston – no shade.

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Daniella Flanagan
Dani, as Daniella is known among her friends, is an actress, production assistant, producer, set designer, casting director, host, and reporter. She is a huge fan of beignet, crawfish, catfish, palabok, pancit, and the great States of Texas and California. Her background is in International Business and TV/Film production.

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