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Hiligaynon Community set to induct their new officers

By Daniella Flanagan

Houston, Tx – Don’t sleep on the Dallas Filipino community. Major things are happening in Dallas from the introduction to #FILCON, to the global efforts of #Roscon Foundation, and more.

Did you know that Roscon proudly assisted the Hiligaynon Community America Texas in forming their non-profit organization!?

The #BERMonths – Time to Celebrate

Remember its the #BERmonths, Merry Christmas and get the party started! Wanting to party in Dallas with Fils and FilAms? Well check out this event.

#PALANGGAANAY Hiligaynon Community Gala Night and Officer Induction will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Dallas Texas December 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm. Details on which DoubleTree will be forthcoming for all those coming from out of town. Be sure to follow their Facebook page @Hiligaynon Tagatexas

Fun with Language – #Hiligaynon

#Hiligaynon is the fourth largest of the 175 languages spoken in the Philippines! #Hiligaynon, also known as #Illonggo, belongs to the #Bisayan group of the Austronesian language family.

Tingnan ang #Hiligaynon, na kilala rin bilang #Illonggo, dahil ito ay ginagamit din na salita sa Pilipinas. Check out #Hiligaynon, also known as #Illonggo, here: or here

#Hiligaynon has many loanwords from Spanish, English, as well as #Tagalog and #Cebuano. To say ‘thank you’ in #Hiligaynon, you would say ‘#Salamat’. To say ‘please’ in #Hiligaynon, you would say ‘#Palihog’.

Google Translate reportedly does a strangely decent job translating the #Hiligaynon / #Ilonggo dialect.

Have some fun learning a few words by checking out a popular Facebook post from Jovi Jaro “You Know You’re From Bacolod, Philippines If”

Native speakers in the Twitter group Club Hiligaynon Learners @HKTL2018 recently recommended these steps to learning the dialect effectively:

1) immersion with the local people

2) keen observation

3) listen and imitate

4) absorb and practice

Do you want to learn more about or refresh yourself on Hiligaynon dialect? Here’s one of the books you could pull from internet. Book Link #Hiligaynon #Ilonggo #Iloilo

Have fun at the event and all throughout the #BERMonths as the Filipino celebrations commence! Have fun in the #DFW!


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Daniella Flanagan
Dani, as Daniella is known among her friends, is an actress, production assistant, producer, set designer, casting director, host, and reporter. She is a huge fan of beignet, crawfish, catfish, palabok, pancit, and the great States of Texas and California. Her background is in International Business and TV/Film production.

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