QC approves budget for free pneumococcal vaccine

QC Mayor Herbert Bautista. Photo ©

QUEZON City Mayor Herbert Bautista recently signed an ordinance approving budget allocation for free pneumococcal vaccination to all registered Senior Citizens of the city.

City Ordinance 2699, S-2018, introduced by Councilor Rogelio “Roger” P. Juan, has amended Ordinance 2381-2015. It provides for free pneumococcal vaccination to all registered senior citizens which will be administered by the Quezon City Health Department (QCHD). However, the vaccination is subject to the availability of 23-valent Polysaccharide vaccine.

The vaccines help prevent pneumococcal disease, described to be any type of infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria that may include pneumonia, infection of the blood (bacteremia/sepsis), middle-ear infection (otitis media), or bacterial meningitis

The ordinance states that there is a need to amend the earlier measure to provide a definite budget allocation for the purchase and acquisition of 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine to sufficiently supply the needs of the senior citizens who are not yet vaccinated.

Section 8 of City Ordinance No. SP- 2381-2015 provides that: an initial budget allocation of at least PhP12,000,000 will be divided among the city’s six districts, equally appropriating PhP2,000,000 for each, subject to existing auditing rules and procedures.

It is the objective of the city government to ensure proper budget allocation of the annual funds to augment the Pneumococcal vaccination of seniors that shall be included in the Next Annual Budget of Quezon City,” the ordinance said.


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