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It’s September 1 – Maligayang Pasko! Merry Christmas!

By Daniella Flanagan

HOUSTON, TX – Today, September 1st, Filipinos all over the world have started the Christmas countdown! Filipinos prepare and celebrate Christmas starting on September 1st until early January which ends officially on the day of the Three Kings.

Yes, talaga, really. They mean it – Christmas kicks off today. If you step into the PH right now there are areas already decorated with Christmas lights. Some malls are already blasting Christmas music.

Pinoy Twitter Comedy

Other people on September 1 shouts: “It’s almost Halloween!” However, Filipinos on September 1 say it out loud: “Oh my God! It’s Christmas!! PASKO NA!!”

Other people on September 1 say: “It’s another day!” But Filipinos on September 1 will greet you: “Merry Christmas” and you will see Christmas lights on the front door and everywhere.


Pinoy? Then your Christmas always starts on September 1! It is also special for Filipinos because it’s the start of “Ber” months signaling the start of CHRISTMAS SEASON. What the what? Talaga, really.

Every year, Filipinos from around the globe mark September 1st as the beginning of our Christmas countdown. It spans from September to December, also known as the “Ber Months” making this tradition as the earliest and longest Christmas season in the world. #paskona 116 days till Christmas. Filipinos take Christmas very seriously. Their Christmas is 3 months long! 🎄

Jose Mari Chan vs Mariah Carey

The annual battle of Jose Mari Chan & Mariah Carey starts now!

At exactly midnight on September 1 every year, the piano introduction of “Christmas In Our Hearts” softly plays in every Filipino’s heads. This is when Jose Mari Chan wakes up from his 9 month-long hibernation period to create the Filipino Christmas Experience!

In a survey conducted by Pulse Asia, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts only ranked second as the most played Christmas-related #OPM song by Filipinos on September 1st. The song that topped the list? Aegis’ Christmas Bonus!

“I believe that Christmas is truly in our hearts”- Jose Mari Chan

Take a listen to “Christmas in Our Hearts”

Jose Mari Chan and Louie Ocampo:

https://open.spotify.com/track/1tArsKCtIyYQAcFYBMzdTF #NowPlaying

Are you really Filipino if you do not play Christmas music in the month of September? So what if Filipinos wanna start celebrating Christmas in September. The culture dictates that we show up late to the Christmas party in December, too, by hours!


It’s September so on behalf of other Filipinos on the net all over the globe, Maligayang Pasko! Happy September 1st!!! Merry Christmas to my Filipino and Filipino-adjacent friends!!! 🎄🎄


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Daniella Flanagan
Dani, as Daniella is known among her friends, is an actress, production assistant, producer, set designer, casting director, host, and reporter. She is a huge fan of beignet, crawfish, catfish, palabok, pancit, and the great States of Texas and California. Her background is in International Business and TV/Film production.

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