QC Council approves purchase of body cameras for local police

A body cam used by policemen abroad. Image by

IN a bid to effectively fight crime and lessen complaints against policemen, Quezon City lawmakers passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of 1,500 units of body-worn camera for law enforcement, crime monitoring and evidence presentation.

This after a member of the city council observed the rising incidence of crimes in the city.

City Resolution 7468-2018, introduced by Councilor Gian Carlo G. Sotto, states that Quezon City as the biggest city in the National Capital Region (NCR), both in terms of area and population, has seen the increased incidence of crimes against persons and properties.

Quezon City with the enviable distinction of being the richest and best managed Local Government Unit (LGU) in the Philippines, must provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents as well as those engaged in business, employed, or while sojourning in Quezon City, he said.

In defending the purchase, Sotto cited a study made in the United Kingdom which show the correlation between the police body camera and the level of criminality.

In 2012, Sotto said, the College of Policing of the U.K said that in large-scale trials of body-worn video in England and Wales, there was a pronounced decline in street crimes as well as big drops (88 percent) in the use of force and in public complaints against police officers since they are monitored “on real time” at the headquarters.


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