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Campaign against porn sites intensified in PH

By Daniella Flanagan

HOUSTON, TX – the Philippine government has intensified its campaign against web based pornographic sites in a bid to end child pornography and limit the Filipino’s option to explore carnality on-line without interruption.

This was learned from the National Telecommunications Commission after it recently confirmed that it blocked more pornography sites. The Commission said all internet service providers were already given the directive to remove access from porn sites on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones

Thus a web surfer based in the Philippines who would use their browser to find a porn site will be redirected to a page that states something like ‘your search for porn was blocked pursuant to the anti-child pornography law.


Pornhub, the world’s most popular adult websites with 87.8 billion video views a year and 60 million visitors everyday, have expressed disappointment over the NTC’s move and suggested that the government actions would just drive Filipinos towards “less vetted, riskier, smaller web sites.”

It noted that the Filipinos topped the list its 1,917 rankings of porn website visitors as shown by their analytics, which monitors the IP address and viewing habits of its users. It added that people from the Philippines spent an average time of 13 minutes and 28 seconds streaming adult content. The global average, however, is only 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Seeing as the Philippines is a nation that takes inordinate pride in its record-setting abilities, the news that the it came out top in another category was greeted with snickers by many and shame by others here in the States.

Thanks to the Americans

Pornographic materials first arrived in the Philippines in the 1940s, in the form of pornographic magazines imported from the United States. Shortly thereafter, the usual conservatism ascribed to Filipino society dissipated.

With the advent of technology and the increase in personal wealth after World War II, pornography became more readily accessible to affluent Filipinos — with 8mm film projectors in the 1960s.  The 1980s saw videocassettes ushered into the Philippines.The ’80s videotapes were illegal and clandestinely distributed in local video rental shops and newsstands. Thanks to technological advances free videos of old Filipino porn stars are easily accessible on YouTube.

Many soft-core movies started to appear in the Philippines during 1970s just as in the US market for porn started to blossom. Remember the classic film “Boogie Nights” from the 1988 US mockumentary short film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson? It followed the rise and fall of Dirk Diggler, a well-endowed male porn star in the late 70s and early 80s. The character was modeled on American porn actor John Holmes.

At the same time, Filipinos learned ‘to source and to produce locally’ to satiate their porn desires. It began with “Uhaw,” which jump-started several waves of similar films or genre, including “bomba,” (bold) “pene” (as in “penetration),” with films complete with scenes featuring actual coitus), “WL” (wet look), “ST” (“sex-trip films”), and finally the introduction of “TF” (or “titillating films”).

Pornography film producers today have offices in Angeles City in Pampanga, Olongapo City in Zambales, in Manila, Pasay City, Makati City, and Quezon City, where male and female prostitutes are hired to play sexual roles for adult films. It is worth noting that several of these cities are near former American military installations for you to surmise why.

By 2006, the underground Philippine porn industry had become a US$1 billion industry, putting the Philippines in eighth place in the worldwide black market for porn, in a tie with Canada and Taiwan.

Pornographic publications also flourished and perished in a strange but expected paroxysm of interest and disinterest, perhaps pulsating in tandem with the national Catholic guilt.

Tik-Tik and Sakdal were among the many magazines that catered to titillation. In 2008, a Filipino edition of Playboy was launched, after which similar magazines became popular.

Filipino Porn connoisseur 

According to Pornhub, Filipino users kept their terms local when searching for videos. Filipinos used such terms as “Pinay (Filipina)” and “Pinoy (Filipino)”, with Maria Ozawa, a Japanese adult actress, topping their search.

Porn Industry Developments

Porn studios are connecting the real and virtual worlds by offering live performances via webcams. A client might pay US$4.00 a minute for a personal performance, half that rate if others are watching. Performers get a cut, typically 25%. Such “cam” sites are among the biggest advertisers on the tubes. Some can stream thousands of feeds simultaneously. LiveJasmin, one of the biggest live performances site, has 40 million visitors a day; its founder, Gyorgi Gattyan, is one of Hungary’s richest men!

Kink.com is renown for it specialization; and people are willing to pay top dollar for its superb content. Kink.com offers dozens of categories such as BDSM (bondage, dominance, sado-masochism and the like). Its strong brand helped it withstand the onslaught of competitors especially the ‘tubes’. Customers can log into Kink.com to watch live shoots, chat with porn video participants and buy props and costumes that were used in films.

Porn viewers are not going to give up that easily. Naked capitalism is powerfully lucrative. The speed and services get better each year in this industry. Users will not be deterred from accessing and supporting this multi-billion dollar industry. The latest and greatest in the porn industry are POVs (point of views) and (VRs) Virtual Reality films.

Damned and Banned and the Irony

The Philippines is one of several countries to ban porn, following India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Cuba, Iceland, Thailand, Egypt and Pakistan.

In September of 2016, Russia blocked major porn sites, with the government’s agency telling people hilariously, in true Russian style. that they could “meet someone in real life” instead. Oh the irony …

In Russia’s opening match against Saudi Arabia at the 2018 World Cup in July 2018, a blonde Russian fan was spotted in the crowd and quickly dubbed the “hottest World Cup fan” by media and fans around the globe.

Internet sleuths found the truth, quickly. The tournament’s hottest fan was actually Russian porn star Natalya Nemchinova. They then discovered she has appeared in X-rated movies under such aliases as Natali Nemtchinova, Natalia Andreeva, Delilah G, Danica, Amanda, Asya and Annabell. Adult websites describe her as an “uninhibited” model and a star of swinger parties who has appeared in photo shoots, and both soft and hardcore movies.

Intentionally placing a porn star in the limelight to showcase its Russian beauties? Thumbs up on marketing to the Russian government. You can’t have it both ways. One can’t ban porn; and also promote your country’s sluttiest porn star at the same time. #smh  Source:  https://nyp.st/2yvCEN6

Its Just a Minor Nuisance – Hold My Red Horse; “Cracks Knuckles”

In 2018, with the amount of technological resources, what do these governments believe is going to happen? Did they overlook the simple fact that you can just go to Twitter if its allowed in your country? A Twitter user can get a 30 second or less fix. Yea, it’s that simple to find a loophole in a law. Talaga, totoo…

Chat rooms, not even the dark web, just regular chat rooms, will provide details on how to skirt the nuisance caused by this ruling. Solutions from advance to simple are available because things are not always thought through thoroughly in the Philippines or other countries.

Ten Ways Around the Nuisance of Geo-Blocking

(1) Research on the net showed for this article that PLDT Internet and Globe hadn’t blocked Pornhub but did block Xvideos. Skybroadband hadn’t blocked anything. One user said, “xvideos naman problema sa globe pero ok sa pldt”

(2) One user recommended resetting DNS to Google DNS. The Google DNS is 8888 and 8844, then the user would need to reset their router to make sure the change took effect. A simple DNS server change could open up your connection. There are many free, fully open third-party DNS services on the internet. The most popular ones are run by Google and OpenDNS. All you need to do is change your DNS server settings to theirs and enjoy a Magandang gabi.

(3) Other users use VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. They are the most effective way to unblock a geo-restricted or ISP/region-blocked websites. Most VPNs today are cost effective and reliable – encrypting your tunneled connections and providing the best possible anonymity. Opera VPN is a simple download away in your app store – yes an app with VPN capability is available! Imagine that. Users can add a VPN extension to Google Chrome such as proXPN, Betternet or Thumbzilla. Windscribe or Tunnelbear to bypass the blocks. Windscribe was even said by one user to be giving free 3GB a month!

(4) Other users simply recommended the use Reddit or Tumblr. One user joked, “sa reddit ka na lang magbrowse ng mga porn gif.”

(5) Users also just recommended switching to non-blocked less reputable sites just like Pornnub predicted would happen. Users switched to sites such as Redtube, xhamster, Eporner and Pornhd.

(6) A quick Google search for ‘anonymous browsing proxy’ will give you a long list of proxy services available on the web to circumvent the blocks users said could be deployed.

(7) Other users said to “just go dark” (anonymous) via a download of a Tor browser. This lets you enter the world of the Deep Web, or as many restrictors like to call it the Dark Web. Everything is accessible to a user on Tor, including porn of all types. This is dangerous. This route is the easiest way to go anonymous and to get access.

(8) If all else should fail, there’s always another ‘old skool’ way – cached pages.

(9) If Filipino porn aficionados really want to access these sites, they will soon realize they need to use some sort VPN or proxy service. For desktop web browsers, they wil need try any of the methods easily “Google-able” and aforementioned such as installing something like Strong Proxy or Hotspot Shield to use to mask their IP with an IP from another country.

(10) Lasty, users can just give up and start reading a Holy Book and seeking redemption.

On Reddit, it was revealed that even government employees in the Philippines were downloading from porn websites. Guess, the clean up needed to start a little closer to home in the Duterte Administration.

Flawed Logic

It appears that the Duterte Administration logic flow was as follows:

  • Filipinos love porn.
  • Filipinos love to watch porn online.
  • Filipinos love to watch porn online via pornhub.com.
  • Filipinos spend more time consuming online porn than any other nation in the world, despite the crappy internet service and restricted bandwidth.
  • Therefore, Filipinos, when they watch porn, watch child pornography. Talaga?

That is truly flawed logic. And that is the logic that appears to have guided the Philippine government to its knee-jerk reaction to the country’s stellar world record in the realm of porn surfing.

Failing to take into account that even the most cursory glance at Pornhub yields no child porn videos. “Teenage” girls, yes, perhaps, and let’s hope they are over the age of 18, but children, no!

Pornhub would be irredeemably asinine to ever post content like that on their site.

In case the Philippine government hasn’t heard, child pornography is illegal in the US. In the words of President Trump to North Korea, “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen … . They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

Yep, that’s exactly what the Federal Government would do to Pornhub. Let alone the story Hollywood would paint of the whole fiasco through a special episode of “To Catch a Predator” or “American Crime.”

Easily “Google-able” for anyone not ‘all in their feelings’ are PornHub’s own terms and conditions state. They read:

“Pornhub abides by a ZERO TOLERANCE policy relating to any illegal content. Child Pornography, bestiality, rape, torture, snuff, death and/or any other type of obscene and/or illegal material shall not be tolerated by Pornhub. Pornhub shall not condone child pornography and will cooperate with all governmental agencies that seek those who produce child pornography.”

Maybe that’s just alternative facts as Americans like to think of stuff they don’t study or investigate since 2016.

Shutting down porn sites that clearly do not support child pornography is not the way to combat the so called scourges in Filipino society.

Pornhub’s own search statistics reveal that Filipinos who visit the site do not get off on child porn, and don’t even search for it. Filipino top three porn search categories are: 1. Hentai; 2. Teen; 3. Babe. Filipinos usually use “pinoy”, “pinay”, ‘pinoyjakol,’ ‘filipina’ and ‘filipino.’ And Pinoyphiles, people loving all things pinoy, are typically searching names such as Maria Ozawa and Mia Khalifa.

Could some of this flawed logic be rooted closer to home? What does that mean? Clearly and admittedly, once Pornhub released its statistics, Duterte was triggered.

As a child, he was molested by a priest, he said. The church, he declared, is full of hypocrites. Digest that for a  moment.

Duterte, who is known as Death Squad mayor of Davao before becoming president, has been quoted saying, “What I am doing is justified because I am eliminating evil. They don’t have souls. They are killers.” Messiah complex, much? Further, Duterte earned criticisms for his sexist remarks during his campaign and admitted to being a womanizer in the past, whilst being in abhorrence of other unlawful activities in the Internet like on-line gambling. The duplicity is reminiscent of America’s own President Trump.


Yes, Filipinos are fed up with crime and outraged by corruption among other societal ills! Blocking online porn doesn’t seem to correlate either approximately or directly to solving the biggest problems such as corruption, graft, pollution, poverty, and inflation. Blocking online porn is reminiscent of the old Aquino “sin taxes.”

Corruption remains deeply embedded in government. Corruption reinforces poverty by diverting resources that could help the poor. About 21% of Filipinos lived in poverty in 2015, according to the Philippines Statistics Authority, earning less than US$1,982 per year.

The country loses hundreds of billions of dollars on illicit financial flows. Kickbacks, bribes, payoffs, and shakedowns characterize Philippine government and society at all levels. Graft anywhere also deters foreign investors who are wary of dealing with Filipinos for fear of being cheated, paying exorbitant bribes or losing deals to favoritism, etc.

Focus on the Bigger Issues

How does the Duterte Administration stamp out natural criminal and corrupt inclinations conducted by a small portion of the population and rewire the thinking of millions that it is not acceptable, it is should not be part of the framework Filipino citizenry? #changegoncome

Lastly, if it is such a ‘big deal’ then where is there room for information, education, treatment, rehabilitation, repentance or forgiveness. Where are the social programs? Regardless of these restrictions, adult websites are continuing to flourish across the globe. They will remain profitable, dynamic, and customer-centric with loyal fan bases around the world.


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