Chinese Xiamen Airlines Boeing Crash-Lands at Manila Airport – Reports

By Sputnik News

CC BY 2.0 / Nikos Koutoulas

XIAMEN airlines’ 737-800 Boeing crash landed at Manila Airport, AirLive reported Thursday. The media specified that the emergency evacuation was underway.

According to the AirLive, the flight MF8667 of the Chinese Xiamen airline circled Manila for about one hour. During the second attempt to land at 15:55 UTC, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway.

No immediate information about the casualties or the reasons behind the accident is available at the moment. According to the photos that appeared online, the plane is stocked lopsided on the runaway.

As the AirLive reports, the plane might have a broken engine. The media added that the emergency evacuation was underway.

The crash took place amid the tropical storm Yagi and the southwest monsoon, which had brought heavy flooding to the capital Manila and the surrounding areas. One of the latest storms has prompted about 20,000 residents to flee the district of Marikina in the capital region where floods swept away cars.

The XiamenAir, formerly known as the Xiamen Airlines, is a passenger airline based in Xiamen, Fujian Province and is a part of the SkyTeam alliance. The company’s fleet includes at least 164 planes and flies to 70 destinations.

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