Advanced Placement seminar for teachers held in Saipan

By Lori Lyn Lirio

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TO further professionalism and the advancement of their teaching career, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands Public School System last month hosted the Advanced Placement Summer Institutes at the Northern Marianas College for teachers.

Twenty eight teachers from public and private schools attended the APSI workshops, which was held from June 18 to 22. The workshop provided training to educators on how to develop AP courses and utilize effective classroom strategies that can be applied at any grade level.

Advanced Placement program gives students the chance to take college-level work while they are still in high school and earn college credit and placement.

According to PSS Research and Evaluation program coordinator and district level AP coordinator Annette Pladevega, the APSI offered training to address the different levels of learners and supports needed in AP.

The training courses, such as AP World History, AP Chemistry, AP Strategies: Using Data to Design Instruction, and Pre-AP Art, were provided by Amy Charleroy, Jonathan Henderson, Cheri Smith and Melin Young.

An AP support session was offered by experienced AP teachers in the PSS – Lorraine Catienza and Jonathan Aguon.
Pladevega said the PSS has been hosting such training every year since 2012. There are 38 courses offered by the AP program and four in Pre-AP.

“The course offered in the CNMI is dependent on having interested teachers with an AP syllabus approved by the AP Audit and students interested in enrolling in AP courses,” she said.

Based on teacher- and student-interest survey results conducted at the end of 2017, these four trainings in AP and Pre-AP were chosen, according to Pladevega.

“If the teachers trained this summer are willing and able to teach AP World History and Chemistry and have an AP-approved syllabus, then those AP courses could be made available to students as early as next school year. Pre-AP courses must go through a different vetting process where the CNMI applies to the College Board’s Pre-AP Program, and if selected, could offer Pre-AP Art as early as the 2019-20 school year,” Pladevega explained.

In the last school year, the AP courses offered by the PSS were AP in Psychology, World History, Statistics, Calculus AB, Language and Composition, Literature and Composition. AP Biology and Chemistry were offered in SY 2016-17.


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Lori Lyn Lirio
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