Metro Manila ShakeDrill set for next week — MMDA

THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority on Friday asked the public to take next week’s ShakeDrill seriously as it urged them to take it as an opportunity to enhance their earthquake preparedness.

“Preparations were well-coordinated during the three previous drills – there were actors, directors, scenarios. But this time, it would be different as no one can predict when earthquake can happen,” said MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo “Jojo’ Garcia.

He also said the fourth Metro Manila ShakeDrill is set at 3 pm, but he refused to say the exact day when it will happen. (Read More:

“We are urging everyone to participate in the drill, wherever you are, no matter what you are doing. We want to make actions more spontaneous as possible,” explained Garcia.

Telecommunication companies have been tapped to provide text blast messages to its subscribers five minutes before the actual drill.

“The trigger simulating the occurrence of a strong earthquake will be the cell broadcast of telcos and audible signals from sirens of emergency vehicles, building public address systems, church bells and others,” said Garcia.

Radio stations will also be informing the public about the shake drill by sounding an alert.

“This will be the signal for everyone to drop, cover and hold…. everybody can then practice their respective evacuation plans,” Garcia added.

Government agencies, local government units, particularly disaster risk reduction and management council personnel, are urged to implement their contingency plans.

Organizations are also given the chance to do response capacity demonstrations which are aligned with the activity.

For its part, the MMDA said it will carry out its plan under the Oplan Metro Yakal Plus, the agency’s contingency plan in the event of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It added that no personnel or equipment will be prepositioned at the designated emergency operation centers and evacuation camps at northern, southern, eastern and western quadrants.


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