4th Metro Manila Shake Drill Set in July — MMDA

(File photo) MMDA GM Jose Arturo Garcia. Image © Rappler

THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said as a mind-setting exercise for the public to always be alert for “The Big One,” the exact date of the Metro Manila Shake Drill this month will not be announced.

“No one can predict when an earthquake will happen. We must be prepared at all times so we want the shake drill announced unannounced,” said MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo “Jojo” Garcia.

On its fourth year, the MMDA, together with the Metro Manila Disaster Management Council will lead the conduct of the shake drill happening any day on the third week of July.

“We will not be announcing the exact date of the shake drill. Public will only be informed on the day of the drill,” said Garcia.

The shake drill, which will run for three days, aims to sustain and improve the public’s awareness and consciousness towards a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

“We want to do a shake drill in a more realistic environment,” said Garcia.

For his part, Michael Salalima, Metro Manila Shake Drill Secretariat head, said telecommunication networks will broadcast the drill through SMS messages to its subscribers on a specific day.

Companies, churches, schools, and institutions are urged to sound their own alerts or bells while radio stations will air an alert to signal the start of the drill at 3 pm.

Salalima expressed hope that the different stakeholders can take advantage of the activity to test their contingency plans during the three-day shake drill.

“What we want to evaluate is the people’s level of awareness and discipline instilled during the past three years,” said Salalima.

The MMDA will come into play by mobilizing personnel to designated emergency operation centers in four quadrants in the metropolis.

The western quadrant, composed of Navotas, Malabon and Manila, will use the Intramuros Golf Course as evacuation area.

The northern quadrant, composed of Quezon City, Caloocan, Valenzuela, San Juan, will use the Veterans Memorial Medical Center Golf Course and Quezon Memorial Circle as evacuation camps.

The eastern quadrant, composed of Marikina and Pasig, will use the LRT 2 Santolan Depot.

The southern quadrant, composed of Pasay, Makati, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Pateros, and Taguig, will use the Villamor Golf Course as evacuation center.


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