Malacanang to investigate murder of Tanauan City Mayor

By Rodolfo Andal

The slain Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili ©

MALACAÑANG on Tuesday assured the public that it will conduct a thorough investigation of the assassination of Tanauan city Mayor Antonio Halili while attending the regular morning flag raising ceremony Monday.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, Jr., in a press briefing, said the palace will leave “no stone unturned” in the investigation stressing that they “are discharging the state obligation for every murder. We will investigate and accord the victims adequate domestic remedy.”

Halili was standing in attention singing the Lupang Hinirang when a single gunshot suddenly rang out from nowhere causing him to slump bloodied on the ground. He was rushed with a wound in the chest by his aides to a hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

The assassin, who is believed to be a sharpshooter using an M-14 rifle, is still at large and now the subject of a hunt.


At the same time during the same press briefing, Roque mentioned the allegedly “out-of-context media reportage” about what he said Monday regarding the possibility of “connivance between the Catholic Church and the Communist Party of the Philippines to overthrow the Duterte government.”

Roque insists that he did not generalize the entire Catholic Church, but mentioned some of its members could be working with the Left to grab power from the current administration.

“Well, I think it is important to quote what I said. I said some. I did not say all,” Roque stressed that it is not impossible for some members of the Church to work with the CPP-NPA in overthrowing the present government.

“And of course what has appeared in some reports including social media, it is as if the Church is conniving which is a big world of difference between some members of the Church or elements of the Church who did not support the President and who supported someone else,” Roque added.

Palace announces rehabilitation of Kalibo International Airport’

Meanwhile, Roque also announced the start of the rehabilitation of the Kalibo International Airport (KIA) yesterday.

According to Roque, the closure of Boracay island and the lesser tourists arriving as a result of the shutdown will allow the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) to fast track the rehabilitation of the airport.

“The rehabilitation includes refurbishment of existing terminals, repainting of international terminal interiors, airport landside beautification and landscaping, rewiring of electrical and air-conditioning systems, and enhancement of railings and barricades,” he added.


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Rodolfo Andal
Aside for writing for Beyond Deadlines, Rodolfo "Rudy" Andal is also a senior reporter of Pilipino Star Ngayon covering the Malacanang beat, a prized assignment for Philippine based reporters. He started working as journalist in 1989 and is a news stringer of Associated Press and Asahi Shimbun, two of the most prestigious wire services in the world.

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