Sir, God is not stupid


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Romulo "Jimbo" Velasquez
Romulo “Jimbo” Velasquez is a veteran editorial cartoonist who worked for different publishing firms which include Adarna Publishing, the Yellow Pages and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Design from the Philippine Women’s University in 1980. He is currently the in-house cartoonist of Beyond Deadlines.

2 Replies to “Sir, God is not stupid

  1. Indeed, God is not stupid! I am not a theologian and this is just my simple way of looking at it.
    God created Man to his own image, but because of Love, He gave Man the great gift of freedom. What evil Man may have created of his own being is due to the Free Will that God had endowed on him. Since Man had misused the gift of Free Will and chose instead to walk in the company of devils rather than angels, so to speak. Because of this, the warped image of Man is now the result. And Man is entirely responsible for the devil that has become of him. This is due to Man’s own stupidity in the company of stupid and misguided evil spirits which he allowed to enter his spirit. If Man had walked instead with God right at the beginning, his spirit would have been strengthened and the problems of the world would have been minimized. Right now, we have devils walking everywhere in man’s clothing . It is not too late to align ourselves with God so that our weakness will turn to strength. And we will always be in God’s presence at all times. May God bless ALL who read this and hear the message!

    I am posting this not to elicit an argument. I am merely expressing myself and will not entertain rebuttals. This is my belief. And I have the right to express myself and defend my faith!

    1. Oops … the correct sentence should not contain the three words: Because of this, and it read instead as:

      “Since Man had misused the gift of Free Will and chose instead to walk in the company of devils rather than with angels, so to speak, the warped image of Man is now the result.”

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