By Daniella Flanagan

DALLAS, TX – Today @Slack went down and the millennial world of communication was thrown into chaos. As usual people took to Twitter to add hilarity to the communication apocalypse. Yes, SLACK is DOWN, and we will survive!


First off for those non-millennials, let’s explain what Slack is. Wikipedia, an internet based free source site, describes Slack as, “…a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack began as an internal tool used by his company, Tiny Speck, in the development of Glitch, a now defunct online game.” The name is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”.


The popular real-time messaging tool Slack went dark for millions of users on Wednesday morning, June 27, around 9:30 am Eastern Standard Time.

As of 12:45 pm EST, Slack still had not resolved its connectivity issues.

Slack said on its website on it was experiencing connectivity issues across “all work spaces” and the cause for the outage is under investigation. Initially, only some people were unable to access the network and Slack addresses the issue.

Later, the service became inaccessible to everyone. The outage left millions of professionals scrambling for ways to communicate with their colleagues. But instead of freaking out, “old heads” will just shake their heads and quietly mumbled under the breath: “Millennials.


Many took to Twitter to share their frustration and make witty, biting comments. The visual representation at @PostGradProblem is a perfect gif for what workplaces are experiencing:

“The three stages of Slack being down.“


“With @SlackHQ still down, I can only communicate by phone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, GroupMe, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now I know how my grandparents did business,” said a Slack user.

“When #Slack is down the whole tech world descends into chaos. We are lost. Directionless. Will we ever see the light again?! What is this archaic thing the Elders call “e-mail”? said another Slack user

A Reddit user joked, “Loot. Pillage. Mayhem. Chaos. @SlackHQ is down.”

“How am I supposed to tell my team that Slack is down when I don’t have Slack to tell them at Slack is down?” joked a user.

“There’s always Morse code,” wrote one.

“Be free. No gods no masters no editors,” joked another.

“That means we get the day off, right?” asked another.

“When Slack is down and you have to actually talk to your co-workers in person” wrote another.


Articles from trending millennial websites already sprang up such as this one from @Mashable – “Slack is down, and I talked to my colleagues…in the face???


It’s ok really though. You can still be productive. There’s the phone, Google Hangouts, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, even that old dinosaur “EMAIL.”

Yep, email is still around.

With Slack being down, we can still while away the day swapping GIFs and memes without Slack. Catch up on your emails – I know scary thought right. Just select then all and hit “Delete All”. There, done.

Get started on that report you’ve been putting off – start writing that movie script that will hit big in Hollywood. Take this Slack Sabbatical and use it to focus, because we all know multitasking is a lie – that Slack helps us perpetuate.

P.S. Remember these salient points from a Slack user on Twitter, “While Slack is down, don’t spend the time realizing they now have a database of all your business strategies, corporate secrets, infighting, petty rivalries, affairs, legal cases, and could blackmail the entire world economy with the press of a button. Enjoy your donut!”


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Daniella Flanagan
Dani, as Daniella is known among her friends, is an actress, production assistant, producer, set designer, casting director, host, and reporter. She is a huge fan of beignet, crawfish, catfish, palabok, pancit, and the great States of Texas and California. Her background is in International Business and TV/Film production.

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