PH national lawyers group nominates Associate Justice Antonio Carpio to replace Maria Lourdes Sereno

By Nelson Flores

Carpio, the most senior magistrate in the Supreme Court (SC), said he would decline a nomination for the chief justice post for several reasons. Photo © Edd Gumban

DESPITE clearly stating that he will decline any nomination for the post of Chief Justice of the Philippine, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines still said it is nominating Associate Chief Justice Antonio Carpio to the position.

In a statement Tuesday, IBP President Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo said the groups Board of Governors has resolved to nominate and/or endorse the automatic nomination of Carpio to the position of Supreme Court Chief Justice.

“We are faced with the reality that the Supreme Court itself has set into motion the appointment of Chief Justice vice Ma. Lourdes P. A. Sereno. We thus support the return to, and the recognition of the wisdom, of the long-standing tradition of seniority in the appointment to the highest office of the judiciary, the Supreme Court Chief Justice.”

Carpio is the most senior of all the incumbent justices in the Supreme Court and is most qualified to lead and manage the Supreme Court and the entire Philippine judiciary, the IBP said.

However, Carpio is unequivocal in saying that he would decline a nomination because, among others, he would not want to benefit from the controversial ouster of his predecessor Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Carpio is among the minority who opposed the Supreme Court’s decision to oust Sereno via the admission of Solicitor General Jose Calida’s quo warranto petition.

“On a personal level, because I voted against it, I don’t want to benefit from it so I will decline any nomination… I have to be consistent with my position that the quo warranto was not the proper way to remove a sitting member of the court,” Carpio said in a recent interview aired in a television station.

Carpio is set to retire next year.


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