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QC Council pushes anti-illegal drugs education program in schools

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THE Quezon City Council asked the Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council and the Quezon City Council Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs to include an anti-illegal drugs education program for parents and teachers association in all public elementary and high schools in the city.

In City Resolution No. 7449-2018, Quezon City Allan Butch Francisco states that instructions on drug abuse prevention and control shall be integrated in the elementary, secondary and tertiary curricula of all public and private schools.

Specifically, the ordinance also require Student councils and campus organizations in elementary, secondary, and tertiary schools to include a program for the prevention of drug abuse among students in their activities.

The Dangerous Drugs Board has identified preventive education programs as a key component of its drug demand reduction-strategy.

The DDB noted that a study conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance says the most effective preventive measure among against drug abuse among youth are after-school programs and the adoption of a drug education framework.

The QCADAAC and the city council’s Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs have been conducting “Masa Masid,” a drug education program in the barangays of Quezon City.

Schools have a significant role to play in addressing illegal drug use and abuse among Filipino children and youth through drug education and other prevention programs,” the resolution reads.

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