EDSA dotted with potholes after heavy downpour

By Nelson Flores, Ll.B., MSCK

MMDA Acting GM Jose Arturo Garcia. Image © Rappler

“WATCH out for potholes on EDSA!”

Thus the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) warned the public as it asked the Department of Public Works and Highways to immediately repair the car wrecking potholes that dot EDSA following the recent heavy downpour.

MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo “Jojo” Garcia said coordination has been made with DPWH Undersecretary Robert Bernardo to immediately patch up the potholes and damaged sections of Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare as it hamper traffic flow, not only on EDSA, but along other major roads.

“Continuous downpour these past few days have eroded portions of the major road, creating potholes in various sizes,” said Garcia during an inspection of EDSA on Thursday.

He noted that large potholes were spotted on Guadalupe and Shaw Boulevard (southbound), Ayala, Arnaiz, and Cubao (north and southbound). Two of them are located on the yellow lane, dedicated for passenger buses.

“We have received reports of motorcycle accidents because of these potholes. We advise motorists to take precautionary measures while motorcycle riders should stay on motorcycle lane,” said Garcia.

For the safety of the motorists, barriers were installed to somehow cover these “dangerous” potholes except in areas with narrow lanes.

According to Garcia, these potholes force vehicles to slow down, further aggravating traffic along Edsa these rainy days.

“A single vehicle that stops for five to ten seconds will cause three to five kilometers of traffic,” said Garcia.

He said Bernardo committed to hasten the repair and asphalting of damaged sections once weather condition gets better.

“Under the leadership of MMDA Chairman (Danilo) Lim, coordination with other government agencies is not a problem. The DPWH vowed to act on it immediately,” said Garcia.

Garcia also directed traffic sector heads to conduct surveillance and report other damaged areas in major thoroughfares in Metro Manila. He urged motorists to report potholes in their locations to include them in the list they will submit to the DPWH.


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