Crackdown on handheld radios used by colorum vehicle drivers has started to yield results – PH Inter-Agency Council for Traffic

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IN A bid to fully eliminate illegal use of ultra-high frequency and very high frequency handheld radios by some UV Express operators and drivers, the National Telecommunications Commission on Wednesday joined the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic operations, it was learned today.

According to a statement dated June 9, the I-ACT disclosed that aside from the anti-colorum and out of line operations, the council, together with the NTC, on Friday has started verifying the license and permits of UV Express drivers who are using UHF and VHF radios.

The said operations yielded eighteen pieces of unlicensed handheld radio and mobile phones which were confiscated by NTC operatives.

According to Department of Transportation Undersecretary and I-ACT head Tim Orbos, the crackdown against illegal handheld radio telephones is meant to target particularly colorum vehicles which use those radios to avoid apprehension.

Some drivers avoid being caught by our law enforcers by using their handheld radios to alert fellow drivers of ongoing IACT operations,” he said.

According to Republic Act 3846, anyone who uses radio telephone will have to undergo Restricted Land Mobile (RLM) Radio Telephone Operations Seminar before the NTC can issue permit or license to possess.

The NTC also issues permit to purchase and has the call to either approve or deny request depending on the purpose of applicant. They will also recommend brands that are approved by the Commission.

Anyone who wants to buy or operate a handheld radio must secure permits from the NTC, first. No permits or license would warrant apprehension and confiscation of units,” NTC Deputy Commissioner Delilah Deles said.

Orbos said that the campaign versus unregistered and non-NTC approved handheld radios will continue as the NTC will now be officially part of IACT.

Meanwhile, the said operations netted twelve vehicles which were issued Temporary Operators Permits (TOPs) and two vehicles which were impounded at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) headquarters for various violations.

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