National group of Philippine lawyers seeks to reverse the Supreme Court’s ousting of Chief Justice

By Nelson Flores, Ll.B., MSCK

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THE Integrated Bar of the Philippines said it will file today (Friday) a motion for reconsideration before the Supreme Court seeking the reversal of its decision to remove via Quo Warranto petition Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno as its Chief Justice.

In a statement, the IBP, through its Board of Governors, said “with due respect to the High Court, we maintain that its ruling in Republic vs. Sereno was narrowly drawn. It shows the use of the law to pursue a desired result, that is, the ouster of the Chief Justice.

“This erodes, if not demolishes, the Rule of Law by which all members of the Bar have sworn as a condition to admission,” the IBP added.

“No considerations of politics or animosity justifies the refusal to recognize the constitutionally designed mechanism of impeachment and the doctrine of judicial restraint which are clearly proper,” the IBP insists.

Moreover, the national group of Philippine lawyers warned that “the Rule of Law cannot survive in a legal system where the law changes like sand dunes at the whim of desert winds.”

“As universally recognized, the law is a set of open, general and relatively stable laws. The stability of the system of laws is what draws the line between a rule of law or a rule of men.”

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