21 students from Saipan join the prestigious National Junior Honor Society

By Lori Lyn Lirio

Hopwood Middle School’s current and new members of the National Junior Honor Society.

TWENTY-ONE students from a middle school in Saipan were inducted as new members of the prestigious National Junior Honor Society, it was learned yesterday.

According to Rizalina Liwag, principal of Hopwood Middle School, all of the inductees are students of HMS. This brought to 42 the number of its students who are NJHS members.

The NJHS is an international student organization that consists of chapters in middle schools. The NJHS was founded by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and today has chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, other U.S. Territories, and Canada.

Liwag said before they could become NJHS members, these students first underwent the tedious process of becoming a member of the HMS’ honor society.

“They should have good moral character. They should excel in academics – straight As, and a passion to help in the community,” Liwag said of the requirements in order to be a member of the prestigious organization.

Liwag told the new members that the school, teachers and parents have high expectations of them.

“We wish them to continue to excel, not just in their academic but also in character and other skills. I want them to be responsible and embrace the five pillars of organization and contribute to society and be a good citizen of the country,” the principal said.

‘The pillars she was talking about were scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship.

The students were inducted last April 28 in a simple ceremony at the Granvrio Resort.

The ceremony’s Keynote speaker, Rep. Edmund Villagomez, emphasized that these pillars are important, not just in school, but in life. He explained that scholarship, through getting high grades, helps advance education.

“Leadership is being responsible and dependable responsible, be dependable,” he said, adding “continue to be influential by inspiring others.”

He said service is upholding a high level of scholarship and maintaining loyalty to the school and community.

“Have a heart of a volunteer. Be proud and happy about what you do for the school and the community. Be willing to make sacrifices for assistance. Learn to work well with others.”

The lawmaker said the character is upholding the highest standard of respect.

“Be courteous. Be an individual of principle and morals. Be ethical.”

Citizenship, he added, is upholding the law that governs the community because they promote peace and unity.

“These are all very important pillars to live by. Keep them in mind even as you move forward in your life and develop into outstanding members of our community. When I learned about them, I take it to heart. Even though I am not in NJHS, I try to live by these pillars, especially being a representative of the people. I feel that they are important values to have or live by. So I urge all of you to try to live by them even beyond NJHS,” he said.

He also recognized the parents for the support and dedication to their children, who are now part of the NJHS.

“This is a reflection of your hard work and excellent parenting. Keep it up. To the teachers, and all those involved in the lives of these students, thank you. Continue to be role models to them so that they may become role models to their peers and others.

The new members of the NJHS are:

1. Ma. Yvonne Abustan
2. Anthony John N. Bergancia
3. Patricia Ann Castillion
4. Esperanza Castro
5. Keghani Chaparian
6. Rownel Jody V. Coloma
7. Nina Nicole H. David
8. Ailynn B. Galvan
9. Naveen P. Lucenara
10. Lizzie Joy Manabat
11. Jane Nicole Mozunder
12. Edgardo Palma Jr.
13. Kina Neisuupi Rangamar
14. Casandra Bhel Roque
15. Ethan James Sablan
16. Bonnie Mar Sagana
17. Jzl Caniel Santomin
18. Jan Mikaela A. Tanate
19. Diana Rose Tupas
20. Nicole Ann Villagomez
21. Pauline Shaine C. Viray

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