PH national group of lawyers urges high tribunal to reverse itself on CJ Sereno’s ouster

IBP President Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajarado Image ©

THE Integrated Bar of the Philippines, in a statement released to the media Friday, called on the members of the high tribunal to reverse its decision on ousting Chief Justice Maria lourdes PA Sereno.

“We are awaiting official receipt of the decision of the Supreme Court in Republic vs. Sereno, with an eye towards seeking its  reconsideration or reversal,” the IBP, through its president, Abdiel Dan Elijah S. Fajardo, said.

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The IBP stressed that their position “is pursuant to our position that only the Senate, assembled as an impeachment court, has the power to  dismiss an incumbent Justice of the Supreme Court on questions pertaining to his or her alleged lack of integrity.”

Meanwhile, the Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK) claimed in a statement that the decision of the Supreme Court to remove its chief justice via a quo warranto petition shattered the illusion that the high tribunal is independent from Malacañang.

The SPARK noted that it is no secret that President Rodrigo Duterte maneuvered to oust Sereno after he publicly informed her last month that, “I am now your enemy.” It further claimed that Sereno’s ouster is part of Duterte’s plan to consolidate his control of the judiciary.

Moreover, the Marxist-Leninist oriented student organization added that the high court’s decision only proved that it is vulnerable to the whims of the President. Its majority members virtually begged Duterte “to utilize them as his tools for his demented, murderous and tyrannical rule.”

However, the SPARK said the justices who ousted Sereno gained nothing but the condemnation of the freedom-loving people.

“Those justices who opted to dance to the tunes of Duterte have condemned themselves in the eyes of all freedom-loving Filipinos.”

According to SPARK, “the historic vote has also validated its views that the present political system is not only seriously flawed but is rotten to its very core.”

Make no mistake, this ouster will not lead to massive reforms in the judiciary. Make no mistake, Duterte’s every whim whatever its irreconcilability with the laws of the land will find justification in the Supreme Court’s interpretations. Make no mistake, our already fragile and slowly fading economic and political rights is now on the verge of wholesale extinction, the SPARK warned.

It added that with the Supreme Court now compromised, it is now up to the sovereign Filipino people to not bow before the dark lord in Malacañang.

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