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Poetry Month celebrated in San Pedro, California

Philippine Expressions Bookshop celebrated Poetry Month with a poetry reading last April 14, 2018 in San Pedro, California. Guest poets who participated were: James Preston Allen for his book, “Shadows Lands: Reflections on Some People I’ve Known”; Giovanni Ortega for his book, “‘Ang Gitano’: The Gypsy”; Jason Magabo Perez for his book, “This is the Mostest”; Felix Fojas, a multi-awarded poet, for serious and casual poems ; and Vics Magsaysay for his Tagalog poems. (From left to right: Vics Magsaysay, Jason Magabo Perez, James Preston Allen, Linda Nietes of Philippine Expressions Bookshop, Felix Fojas and Giovanni Ortega. Photo © Joanna Fojas)

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