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Visual artist, singer and song writer Johnny Otilano opens one man show in La Habra, California

By Vics Magsaysay

The “eye” seems to be so ubiquitous in most of his paintings. It is symbolic of the right eye of his father that was damaged while working as an overseas worker in Saudi Arabia.

THE 21-day one-man art exhibit of visual artist, singer and songwriter Johnny E. SJ. Otilano opened last April 7, 2018 at the La Habra Art Gallery, La Habra, California.

Johnny, a California-based and multi-awarded artist, has exhibited in many galleries in the U.S. and museums abroad. Being also a musician, his works create a dialogue between his music and his artworks.

Moreover, as a singer and songwriter, the California-based and multi-awarded artist creates a dialogue between sound and his artworks and has exhibited in many galleries in the U.S. and museums abroad.

A prolific artist, Johnny says “I feel that my paintings express a thousand words and myriad thoughts. If a pen be mightier than as sword, my brushes are more powerful than a weapon of enmity.”

Vics Magsaysay, Ph.D.
Vics Magsaysay, Ph.D., is a Los Angeles-based writer, fine art nature photographer, painter, graphic designer, makata (Filipino poet) and holds a doctorate degree in clinical hypnotherapy.

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