Why read and share Beyond Deadlines?

Beyond Deadlines may still be a small entity but it is undeniably unique and growing.
  • It is the only news website about the Philippines that treats the Filipino and English languages on equal footing.
  • It is a site where you can read news and feature stories about the nation’s different diaspora communities worldwide and mainstream events written by seasoned Filipino and foreign writers.
  • It is a web based international, national and community news source for the Filipino. Already, BD’s site has been visited by close to 200,000 times by web users from all over the world in the past two years. Since late last year, the daily average number of BD visitors is about 1,200.
  • It is an independent media entity for it is not beholden to any corporation or politician.
  • More importantly, BD presents an alternative view of events worldwide that is neither rightist or leftist in orientation, albeit slanted towards Filipino nation building.
  • Read and see why BD is a must read daily.

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