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DENGVAXIA, a new vaccine against dengue, is still on its experimental stages with unknown downsides or negative side effects yet it was recklessly used in the Philippines. It is not a surprise therefore that many children died as a result of its use.

It is the position of Freeblance that those responsible for the reckless, negligent and imprudent use of Dengvaxia be duly prosecuted and punished.

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The chilly relations between South and North Korea is thawing giving rise to hope that both sides of the Korean peninsula will be reunited. It will be recalled that the Korean peninsula was divided into the capitalist south and communist north after World War II. The division came into the fore during the 1950-53 Korean war where the United States and its South Korean ally fought the North Koreans and the Chinese. The war ended in a truce at Panmunjom.

Despite the recent nuclear missiles crisis and other security issues that have evenly frozen relations between Pyongyang and Seoul, and the coldest point of the year which “really iced” the Pyeongchang Winter Sports Olympics 2018 (Feb. 9-25); the bitter cold ironically unified the divided peninsulares into one Olympic team. That’s nice.

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The 160-year old mystery of the 18 apparitions of Mary, the mother of God, by the pristine stream of the Pyrenees mountains in Lourdes, France recently exacted its 70th miracle in the person of 69-year old nun Sister Bernadette Mariau, who was finally cured of her barely five decades of painful sciatica or pinched spiral nerve.

Sister Bernadette is a namesake of St. Bernadette Soubirous, who was then a 14-year old peasant when the Blessed Virgin, who is one of the Roman Catholic’s central blessed figure, appeared to her in a cave at Lourdes. Their  common denominators are being nun and Bernadette. Their difference is time, if not age (the saint died young at 35) or hometown (the saint is from southern France and the 70th Our Lady of Lourdes’ miracle recipient is from northern France). AMEN.

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Freeblance congratulates Beyond Deadlines for its 2nd anniversary.

A melting-point of Cyber Era minds of the 21st century, Freeblance remembers the long missed Between Deadlines of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, then the Philippines number one paper. Between Deadlines, a hard-hitting column run by its news reporters/correspondents in the late 1980s till early 1990s, run at a time when information is a dangerous thing to let go.

Between Deadlines enticed and motivated Freeblance to channel its free thoughts and balanced perspectives to Beyond Deadlines.

Keep posting and reading Beyond Deadlines…Bravo Beyond Deadlines!!!


* The opinion of this author is his/hers alone. It is not necessarily the views of Beyond Deadlines.

John Ambayec Gilbuena, Ll.B.
John Gilbuena is a journalism graduate from the University of Santo Tomas and a holder of a law degree from Adamson University. He is a veteran reporter of different Manila based newspaper and foreign news wire agencies. He is a triathlete and author of "Fourth World War: The Road to Damascus," a book about the rise of Muslim fundamentalist sects in Syria and Iraq.

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