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Beyond Deadlines Anniversary Article Series 2018

Beyond Deadlines Gave Me Another Chance to Write Online…

IT WAS August last year when I got a message from a longtime media colleague, Nelson Flores, asking me if I can join Beyond Deadlines.

I had been a follower of this online news site due to interesting news that were posted here. Most are very relevant issues about the Philippines as well as Filipinos abroad.

Since I knew Nelson well during our time as reporters covering Southern Metro Manila beats, I did not hesitate to join this site. It brought back the memories of our funny, serious days as reporters who would hide or outshine each other in writing our stories.

We called Nelson “Ekratonic,” sort of a nickname coined by some members of the the Makati Press Guild . We add “nic” or “ic ” to each others’ names. It shows camaraderie among us, though there were conflicts , etc. among us, we still remain friends after we had successfully filed our stories for the day.

I remember Nelson always coming late (we learned that he was then enrolled in a Law School), and prancing and saying hip-hop lines while entering the Press Room, asking “what’s new?”

Many of us would sometimes hide important angles of a news from him, saying he should come earlier to cover the beat!

Anyway, that was one of the most funniest part of our journalistic life at the local beat.

After years of retiring from the mainstream media, I busied myself writing for some content/blog sites not to get “rusty” and to earn cents as well. Also followed Facebook for posts by friends in the media to keep me updated. This included reading posts by Beyond Deadlines.com.

It all started from here. Thanks Beyond Deadlines for this opportunity.

Nida Mendoza-Abu
Nida Mendoza is a veteran journalist who wrote for Malaya Newspaper in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. She also worked as a stringer for a number of foreign news wire agencies which include Jiji Press, Asahi Simbun and the Associated Press. She is currently the Lipa City based writer of Beyond Deadlines.

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