Appointed ‘Son of God’ Gets Busted by Customs Officials in Hawaii

By Sputnik News

Apollo “Appointed Son of God” Quiboloy © AFP 2018/ MANMAN DEJETO

A FILIPINO preacher has reportedly been temporarily detained by US authorities in Honolulu after a vast undeclared sum of money was found aboard his private aircraft.

Apollo Quiboloy, founder and Executive Pastor of a church called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, who also calls himself the Appointed Son of God, was apprehended by US Customs agents in Honolulu International Airport, the Manila Times reports citing local media outlets.

A subsequent search of Quiboloy’s personal Cessna Citation Sovereign jet by customs officials yielded some USD$350,000 in cash, with USD$100 bills being folded and stuffed into socks stored in luggage, as well as “parts of military-style rifles”, the newspaper adds.

Felina Salinas, business manager of Quiboloy’s church in Waipahu, was arrested by the authorities and charged with bulk cash smuggling after she claimed that the money found aboard the plane belonged to her.

Quiboloy himself reportedly departed for the Philippines aboard a passenger airliner as his own plane remained detained in Hawaii.

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