Wish 107.5 Bus to launch in Hollywood

Image © Wish 107.5

THE Philippines’ FM radio station Wish 107.5 is set to launch in Hollywood, California, its mobile radio booth “Wish 107.5 Bus” as it stays true to its commitment to be the Filipino talent’s gateway to the world.

Through Wish FM’s innovations, foreigners were wowed by the singing prowess of Original Pilipino Music artists.

Wishclusive videos taken on the Pambansang Wish Bus continue to gain worldwide attention through the Wish YouTube channel. It now has more than 2 million subscribers and over 800 million views.

And now, aiming to further promote the Filipino talent, Wish FM, a radio station owned by Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, is set to bring the Wishclusive performances abroad through the popular Wish Bus.

“At this point, I would just like to let you know that in these coming months, we are already preparing for another big leap and we have that already. We have traveled our Wish Bus from New York to Los Angeles. Now it’s already in Hollywood and waiting for the inauguration,” said Wish creator, Kuya Daniel Razon.

The concept of the first FM booth on wheels and state-of-the-art Wish Bus is praised not only by Filipinos but also by international artists who have performed there.

4 Replies to “Wish 107.5 Bus to launch in Hollywood

  1. Thank You God. Salamat Panginoong HESUS Thank you Brother Eli and Brother Daniel At mahal na mga kapatid/brethrens around the world. im one of the fans of wishbus. Let’s support wishbus by the help of GOD the creator. To GOD Be The Glory…

  2. Proud Pinoy here! 😊

    Wish 107.5 deserves a big WOW! 😀

    Congratulations to KUYA Daniel Razon and all the people beyond these incomparable FM Station.


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