Surprise drug test at PH DEA headquarters yielded negative results

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FIVE hundred sixteen officers and rank and file headquarters personnel of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Quezon City passed Monday’s surprise drug tests.

According to PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino, who led the surprise drug test by submitting his own urine sample, PDEA key officials, administrative/technical personnel and Drug Enforcement Officers were subjected to the unannounced drug testing.


The drug tests, which yielded negative results for the presence of illegal drugs, were administered by the PDEA Laboratory Service right after the regular Monday flag-raising ceremony, Aquino added.

Aquino explained that “surprise mandatory drug testing is an effective way of catching off-guard drug users among our ranks. The test was administered during the first full working week of the year. We are trying to make a point early on that we have the moral ascendancy to lead as prime implementers of the anti-drug law and that we are drug-free.”

The PDEA continues to cleanse its ranks in the face of issues of integrity and credibility.

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