Arnel Pineda rocks old Los Angeles downtown theater

Arnel Pineda. Image ©

AS SOON he entered the stage, Journey frontman Arnel Pineda made it clear to the mostly Filipino American crowd who came to his show that it was going to be a night of rock and roll.

Pineda opened his act with his rendition of Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son.

From then on, the historic Palace Theatre reverberated to the exquisiteness and treble of Pineda’s voice as he belted out, one by one, the classic songs that defined at least three bygone eras.

Pineda covered songs from the Beatles, Eagles, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, among others and encouraged the crowd to sing and dance with him.

Arnel Pineda cheers his fans to dance and sing with him during his concert at the Palace Theatre last December 3. Photo © Pol Joaquin

The Journey frontman jumped and strutted on the stage, ran in and out of the audience to shake hands and take pictures with them during the almost two-and-half hour performance. He had to take off his coat and vest, one after the other, to cool himself.

At one point during the show, Philippine Tourism Promotions Board Chief Operating Officer Cesar Montano walked in the stage and joined Pineda in singing “Hotel California.” It wasn’t a very good idea. Fortunately, the act was amply regained by the band’s skillful guitar tandem, one of them former South Border lead guitarist Butch Victoriano.

Toward the end of Pineda’s concert on Sunday (December 3), Montano launched the “Tara Na, Byahe Na” campaign to encourage Filipino Americans in the audience to visit the Philippines.

Be the ambassador of the Philippines. Kayo po ang magpromote, hindi lang po kami doon sa opisina ng Tourism. Napakaganda po talaga ng Pilipinas compared sa Thailand, Malaysia, iisa lang ang island nila. Tayo po we have more than 7,000 so think about it. Pasyalan niyo muna po ang ating bansa at makita niyo kung gaano kaganda ang ating bansa,” Montano said.

Montano went on to play the video of his song “Limandaang Tulog Nalang” which he dedicated to Filipino overseas workers around the world.

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