Longer contract for contractual Ninoy Aquino International Airport personnel effective next month

Some of the more than 1,000 contractual NAIA personnel. Image © http://www.philnews.xyz

BEGINNING December 16, all contractual personnel working at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport will be given a three-year contract and better benefits by their respective employment agencies as part of the agreement between the Manila International Airport and the service providers who won the right to work on the Philippines premier airport.

Consequently, some 1,057 job order personnel hired as building attendants on the four NAIA terminals are now entitled starting next month to receive a 13th month pay, health benefits and Social Security System (SSS) contribution next month, said MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal.

Monreal explained that the move is “in line” with President Rodrigo Duterte’s desire to end the “endo” system especially in the government agencies.

Last October, the MIAA conducted a bidding for the maintenance of the airport’s terminals through an open competitive procedures where three different winning bidders agreed to give the contractual personnel what is due them.

Part of the agreement calls for the workers to be employed continuously for three years, and that their contract should be renewable every three years, unless the worker has serious violation during employment or is a habitual absentee.

Monreal also pointed out that under the new contract, no age limit was set where able-bodied senior workers can work. The winning bidders were also advised to consider workers with violations for at least six months more of employment before letting them go.

There are at least 356 building attendants working at NAIA’s Terminal 1, 272 in Terminal 2, 372 Terminal 3 and 57 in Terminal 4 – 272, at NAIA terminal 3 – 372, while in terminal 4 – 57 for a total of 1,057 personnel. Most of the building attendants are with the janitorial services for more than 10 years while some of them said they spend 15 years cleaning the toilets of NAIA.

The NAIA Terminal 1 has 247 toilets, 47 in Terminal 2, 100 in Terminal 3, and 24 in Terminal 4.

Alma Nival, one of the job order personnel at NAIA whose working status was for temporary projects or activities, welcome the “good opportunities” given them by MIAA.

At least we are assured of employment for three years and the contract is renewable while the company exists and there will be 13th month pay, medical benefits and SSS,” Nival said in Filipino.


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