Pet Attack Dog: US Donates Millions to Aid Duterte Drug War Atrocities

By Sputnik News

United States President Donald Trump toasts Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. Image © AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik

THE Trump White House has authorized over $100 million to prop up the autocratic regime of the Philippines’ Duterte, even as the latter has received scathing global criticism for extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses at home.

In spite of global condemnation for encouraging the indiscriminate murder of those even suspected of using, distributing or manufacturing illegal drugs in the Philippines, the nation’s President Rodrigo Duterte will receive lavish cash gifts to prop up his murderous policies.

During last week’s state visit to Manila by US President Donald Trump as part of the 31st ASEAN Summit, over $100 million dollars of American aid was announced for the notorious Duterte and his administration, ostensibly to aid and support the brutal dictator’s ongoing war on drugs within his own country.

The White House announced that the US will also donate $14.3 million to counter the effects of a civil war in the southern part of the island archipelago.

Included in the cash gifts to the widely-criticized Duterte and his administration are $85 million for counter-terrorism supplies, as well as training and logistical support for the country’s military.

A reported $2 million will also be made available to Duterte for his bloody ongoing campaign against illegal drugs in the country.

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